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Eyes: dark blue
Hair: dark blond
Height: 6'2"


  • Quarterback of the varsity football team. (Premiere)

  • Plays on the school basketball team. (Leech)

  • Orders Pay Per View fights with his friends. (Cool)

  • Lex arranged for Whitney to have a tryout at Kansas State for a full scholarship (Craving)

  • Whitney got Lana a first edition of Confederacy of Dunces for her birthday (Craving)

  • His family owns and operated Fordman's Department Store, where Whitney works part time (Shimmer)

  • Whitney's father George Fordman* has been having tests done in Metropolis, and is on a heart medication called Amlodipine Besylate (Shimmer)

  • Whitney lost his football scholarship to Kansas State (Kinetic)

  • Whitney's father had a second heart attack and Whitney had a difficult time dealing with the idea of seeing his once-strong father in the hospital (Reaper)

  • Whitney's father passed away suddenly, despite his condition improving over the previous fortnight. Lana, Clark, the Kents, Chloe and Pete attended the funeral. (Crush)

  • Whitney's father George served in Vietnam, and received three medals, including a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. The latter was awarded for exception valour for rescuing three of the men in during a firefight. Even though he was wounded, he wouldn't leave his men behind. (Obscura)

  • Whitney enlisted in the Marine Corps before graduation, and he shipped out for basic training the Saturday of Spring Formal. (Tempest)

  • Whitney knows how he feels about Lana, and asked her to wait for him. (Tempest)

  • Before he left on his bus, Lana gave him her necklace for luck. (Tempest)

  • Whitney asked Clark to look after Lana while he is gone. (Tempest)

  • Whitney was Team Captain of the high school football team and voted MVP in 2002 (Tempest)

  • Whitney has been "shipped out" to an undisclosed location following Basic Training. (Heat)

  • Whitney resented Lana for telling him the truth when she broke up with him long-distance (Duplicity)

  • Whitney and Lana have been writing to one another every week since he left. (Skinwalkers)

  • Whitney has shared more with Lana since they broke up than when they were together. (Skinwalkers)

  • Whitney's mother called Lana and told her that he is MIA. (Skinwalkers)

  • After being declared MIA by the US Marine Corps., Whitney was killed in Indonesia by a mortar shell and his body was recovered by the military. (Visage)

  • Whitney's horse is named Tyson. Lana hadn't taken him out much, after Whitney's disappearance and death. (Visitor)

  • Mrs. Fordman wanted to sell Tyson, after Whitney's death, because she couldn't afford to stable him anymore and Clark offers to board Tyson at the Kent's. (Visitor)

unverified facts

Notes: The Smallville Ledger incorrectly identifies Whitney's father as being named "Jack." However, canonically his name is George, as this name can be clearly seen on the prescription label for Amlodipine Besylate when Clark x-rays Whitney's backpack (Shimmer)

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