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Eyes: dark blue
Hair: dark blond
Height: 6'2"

  • Father's name was Hiram Kent (Hourglass)

  • Built Clark's loft in the barn (Premiere)

  • Hiram Kent gave Jonathan a telescope when Jonathan was approximately 15 years old. He "came downstairs for breakfast one morning and there it was" (Premiere)

  • Used to play football under Coach Walt 25 years ago at Smallville High (Hothead)

  • Mr. Guy used to send the Kent family pumpkins every Halloween before Lionel Luthor bought their land and had him evicted. (Premiere)

  • Used to take Clark fishing on Mr. Bell's property, before Lionel Luthor bought their land and had him evicted. (Premiere)

  • Has a history with Lionel Luthor (Jitters)

  • Ran away one summer and tried out for the Metropolis Sharks (Hothead)

  • Dated Nell Potter (Shimmer)

  • Jonathan and Martha met in a Finance Class at Metropolis University. Martha asked to borrow Jonathan's notes as an excuse to talk to him, because she found him attractive. When he handed them over without even asking her name, he said it was he preferred to believe in people. He does not know that she was the official note-taker for the class, and that it was a pretext. (Nicodemus)

  • Jim Alexander from the bank turned down Jonathan Kent's loan application (Nicodemus)

  • Jonathan likes his coffee with milk and a little bit of honey (Stray)

  • Jonathan Kent wears glasses (Stray)

  • Jonathan and Martha decided not to adopt another child because they were concerned about a sibling's ability to keep Clark's secret (Stray)

  • As a child, Clark would sit in the paddock, practising casting using his first fishing rod, until his folks would come out and make him go to bed (Reaper)

  • Every year, Clark and Jonathan go on a fishing trip on Milk River (Reaper)

  • When Hiram Kent died, Jonathan regretted not telling his father everything he wished to tell him, and he is determined not to make the same mistake with Clark (Reaper)

  • First time that Clark used his abilities, he crawled under a big oak bed that Jonathan's grandfather had made. Jonathan crawled underneath to try and get him out then all of a sudden the frame just came up in the air. He was a toddler lifting what something like over five hundred pounds over his head. (Vortex)

  • After the bed incident, Jonathan and Martha decided to take Clark to a doctor or a scientist, somebody more equipped to understand. But when they got in front of the office, Martha told Jonathan that if they left him there that they'd wanna keep him and they'd never see him again. So they took him home. (Vortex)

  • When Jonathan Kent approached Desiree Atkins to try and reason with her after she had Clark jailed, Desiree briefly placed Jonathan in her thrall and tried to force Jonathan to kill her husband, Lex Luthor. (Heat)

  • Jonathan Kent once defied his father and spent $500 on an old motorcycle. (Red)

  • When Jonathan Kent asked him for Martha's hand in marriage, Mr. Clark refused, saying his daughter deserved better than some hick. Jonathan decked Clark, and the two never spoke again. (Redux)

  • William Clark tried to contact his daughter when they first adopted Clark, however the Kents feared that they could not trust William with Clark's secret, and so they never renewed contact. (Redux)

  • After the meteor shower, Jonathan and Martha loaded Clark's spacecraft into the bed of Jonathan's friend Teddy's truck after Jon found Teddy dead in the cab. They passed Reilly Field, where they were flagged down by a shocky and terrified Lionel Luthor, whose son Lex was unconscious in the field following exposure to a meteor blast. Jonathan and Martha rushed Lex to the hospital, saving his life. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan's mother was a packrat. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan helped Clark land a particularly strong fish on one of their annual fishing trips, and Clark has a photo of the fish which he showed to Lana Lang. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan went to Lionel Luthor and called in their favour, to get Lionel to help them create an iron-clad cover story about Clark's adoption. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan always said that making a deal with the devil would come back to haunt them. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan blames himself for all of the heartache Lionel and LuthorCorp wrought in Smallville. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan broke his leg while making repairs on an old tractor. he was treated by Dr. Helen Bryce at Smallville Medical Centre. (Dichotic)

  • Jonathan's idea of "taking it easy" is sleeping in until 6am. (Dichotic)

  • Jonathan didn't want his accident to disrupt this whole family. However, he admitted that he felt that ever since Martha took her job with Lionel Luthor, things had been different between them. He doesn't want Martha to quit, but told her that it seems like sometimes the Luthors took top priority and that he would just have to work through that. (Dichotic)

  • Jonathan was upset by Lionel Luthor's relationship with his wife, Martha Kent, particularly after Lionel purposely lured Martha to Metropolis on Jonathan and Martha's wedding anniversary. (Insurgence)

  • Jonathan suggested that Martha remain on Lionel's staff, to spy on Lionel after Martha discovered Lionel was keeping files on Clark. (Insurgence)

  • Jonathan had a heated discussion with Lionel, which was over-head by Lana Lang, after he found the engraved wristwatch Lionel gave Martha. (Suspect)

  • Ethan, Jonathan, and Wild Coyote bartender Mike have all known each other since high school. (Suspect)

  • Ethan attempted to kill Lionel Luthor and frame Jonathan Kent for attempted murder, after Lionel attempted to blackmail Ethan over corrupt police procedure regarding the Wild Coyote bar outside town. (Suspect)

  • Jonathan gave Lex the crappiest farm jobs he could think of, but Lex gained his respect when he never complained once. Jonathan told Lex that he was welcome in their home any time. (Prodigal)

  • Jonathan and Martha have the farm finances under control, and are getting a head start on Clark's college fund. (Rush)

  • Dr. Bryce told Jonathan that she was concerned about both Martha and her baby, unaware that Martha had not yet told her family she was pregnant. (Fever)

  • Jonathan reluctantly allows Dr. Helen Bryce to treat Clark. (Fever)

  • The CDC team uncovers the flour tin with the key inside in the storm cellar, and Jonathan confronts his wife about taking the key and hiding it. (Fever)

  • Martha told Jonathan that she hid the key because she was afraid if Clark opened the ship and found out the truth about his origins, he would want to leave them. (Fever)

  • Jonathan and Lana got Tyson out of the horse trailer just fine, and then Lana was walking the horse in the paddock and he collapsed. Lana had seen him sick before--but never that bad. (Visitor)

  • Martha and Jonathan stayed in Metropolis with her father for a few days, following Eric Marsh's attack. (Witness)

  • Martha and Jonathan have reached some kind of understanding with Martha's father. (Witness)

  • The Kents never had birthday parties for Clark when he was little, because they were always so nervous. (Calling)

  • Jonathan's father, Hiram Kent, gave him a compass on his wedding day, so he "wouldn't get lost going down the aisle." Jonathan gave the compass to Lex as a wedding gift. (Exodus)

  • Jonathan and Martha are injured when their truck is caught in the shockwave from the destruction of Clark's ship, and Jonathan tells Clark that because Clark didn't think things through, his mother is lying in a hospital bed. (Exodus)

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