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  • Daughter of Dr. Stanley Bryce, a famous Metropolis plastic surgeon. (Dichotic)

  • When she refused to join her father's practice, they stopped speaking and she moved to Smallville to take a position at the Smallville Medical Centre. (Dichotic)

  • When she was a first year med student at Metropolis General, she was assigned to sober up a drunk and violently ill young Lex Luthor. It was cases such as Lex's that convinced her to leave Metropolis. (Dichotic)

  • She treated Jonathan Kent's broken leg. (Dichotic)

  • Dr. Bryce was in Lex Luthor's anger management class, because she had "drop-kicked an orderly." She has a violent reaction to incompetence, and has always wanted to take a 9 iron to a meter maid's car. (Dichotic)

  • She was never an angry child. (Dichotic)

  • Initially resistant to Lex's amorous advances, she accepted his invitation for coffee. (Dichotic)

  • Helen and Lex have gone on five dates. (Visage)

  • Helen told Lex she had never met his father. (Visage)

  • Lionel Luthor offered to pay Helen $100,000 to stop dating Lex. When she refused and told him to go to hell, Lionel wired the funds into her account anyway. (Visage)

  • Lex received a photograph of Helen with Lionel, from a private detective he had hired to follow his father, which prompted Lex to do a background check on Helen, including accessing her bank accounts. (Visage)

  • Helen was Harvard educated. (Visage)

  • Helen spends two weeks a year you spend in Rwanda treating orphan children. (Visage)

  • Helen was going to tell Lex about his father's attempt to break them up, when Lex accused her of working for Lionel. (Visage)

  • Helen admitted to Lex that she had fallen for him. However, his accusations showed her that she never knew the real him. (Visage)

  • Helen forgave Lex, and is giving him another chance. (Visage)

  • Dr. Bryce told Jonathan that she was concerned about both Martha and her baby, unaware that Martha had not yet told her family she was pregnant. (Fever)

  • Dr. Bryce sent Martha's blood samples to Metropolis for further testing. (Fever)

  • Johns Hopkins offered Helen a 3-year research fellowship. (Fever)

  • Research has always been Helen's first love, and the fellowship is an opportunity to do pure research at one of the best hospitals in the country.(Fever)

  • Jonathan reluctantly allows Dr. Helen Bryce to treat Clark. (Fever)

  • Lex asked Helen to move in because while he would never want to stand in the way of her ambitions, he would be the one missing an opportunity if he didn't tell her how much he wanted her to stay. (Fever)

  • Photos of Helen with the headline "Gold-Digging Doc Bags Bald Billionaire" ran in The Inquisitor, and Lex bought up every copy in Smallville so that Helen wouldn't see it.(Visitor)

  • Dr. Bryce had no new patients since The Inquisitor hit the stands with the double-page spread of her, until Martha Kent. (Visitor)

  • When Helen finds a locked room in the mansion her key won't open, she tells Lex that he needs to figure out what kind of a relationship he wants, "because if this is gonna work, there can't be any locked doors between us."(Visitor)

  • Attended the Metropolis Flower Show in 1999 (Precipice)

  • Dated Paul Hayden in med school; she claims it was a relationship of convenience, without heavy emotional attachment. One of his ex-girlfriends warned Helen that Paul beat her, and Helen broke up with him. (Precipice)

  • Helen tells Lionel she is marrying Lex because she loves him. (Calling)

  • Lionel catches Helen looking through Lex's office, searching for the vial of Clark's blood which was stolen from her office. (Calling)

  • While searching for the vial of blood, Helen finds the file on Martha Kent which Lex paid to have smuggled out of the medical centre. (Calling)

  • Lex tells Helen that they are gonna spend their lives together, they need to be completely honest with each other. (Calling)

  • Lex denies having Helen's office ransacked, and the vial of blood stolen. (Calling)

  • Helen and Lex wed, and leave on the LuthorCorp jet for their honeymoon. However, when Lex awakens from being drugged, he finds Helen and the pilots have disappeared and the plane is going down. (Calling)

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