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  • Chloe's father, and manager of LuthorCorp Plant #3. Raved about his daughter to Lex Luthor, who paid Chloe a visit at the Torch (Craving)

  • Was held hostage by former LuthorCorp janitor Earl Jenkins while leading a high school field trip to the plant.(Jitters)

  • Is considered witty by his peers. (Jitters)

  • Played in a bowling league with members of the sheriff's department (Obscura)
  • When Lionel Luthor announced the closing of the Smallville Plant, Gabe discussed moving back to Metropolis with his daughter Chloe. (Tempest)

  • Lex Luthor called Gabe and a number of the plant employees to his home to secretly plan an employee buy-out of the Smallville plant. (Tempest)

  • Gabe remained in Smallville, rather than relocating to Metropolis, and is giving "LexCorp" another chance (Heat)

  • Gabe's wife and Chloe's mother abandoned them when Chloe was five years old. She came down that morning to find her mother gone, and Gabe Sullivan attempting to make waffles. (Lineage)

  • Gabe never really explained to Chloe why her mother left, which Chloe finds weird. (Lineage)

  • Chloe and Gabe offered to take Lana Lang in, so that she could complete the remainder of High School in Smallville. (Ryan)

  • Chloe had abandonment issue after her mom walked out. She was so afraid her dad was gonna leave too but Gabe finally sat me down and said that Chloe didn't have to earn the right to be a part of her family. (Dichotic)

  • Gabe protests that Chloe treats her bedroom floor as a closet. (Dichotic)

  • Gabe always told Chloe there are two types of girls, "The ones you grow out of and the ones you grow into." (Fever)

  • Despite the fact that Gabe runs LexCorp Plant #1, Chloe and her father were not invited to Lex's rehearsal dinner. (Calling)

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