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  • One of Lionel Luthor's "mindless drones." Lex knows Dominic's sister. (Hothead)

  • Dominic was sent to Smallville to investigate several financial expenditures by Lex, including Lex's investigation into the crash and the Kent family when he first arrived in Smallville. Lex drugged Dominic, and drove back to Metropolis with Dominic gagged and bound in the trunk of his car, with the message that if his father has a question, pick up the phone and call him. And anyone else who goes near the Kents will not be so lucky as to ride home with the spare. (Reaper)

  • Last name changes from Senatori to Santori. (Suspect)

  • Represented an off-shore LuthorCorp shell company to buy voting shares from members of LexCorp's board. (Suspect)

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