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  • Daughter of multinational industrialist Sir Harry Hardwick (Rogue)

  • Has known Lex a very long time (Rogue)

  • Is an executive Vice President of Hardwick Enterprises (Rogue)

  • Her grandparents lived in a Welsh village (Rogue)

  • Propositioned Lex to help him bring down his father (Rogue)

  • Was caught by Clark and Amy Palmer sneaking through Lex's private files (Shimmer)

  • Was attacked and almost drowned by Jeff Palmer (Shimmer)

  • Sent her father information which lead to his purchase of Cadmus Labs (Leech)

  • Was livid when realised she had been duped, and the Cadmus purchase left Hardwick Enterprises open for a hostile take-over by LuthorCorp (Leech)

  • Slept with Lionel Luthor (Leech)

  • Lionel initiated the liaison (Leech)


  • Confronted Coach Walt when eight of the football players were caught cheating on a maths test. (Hothead)

  • Informed by Trevor, one of the cheating students, that Coach Walt supplied the boys with the test, and threatened to expose Walt. (Hothead)

  • Was trapped in a burning car by Coach Walt, and rescued by Clark Kent. Suffered smoke inhalation and burns. (Hothead)

  • Removed Chloe Sullivan from her position as editor of the Smallville Torch after she printed an article about the meteorites being hazardous. (Rogue)

  • Awarded Lana Lang editorship of the paper. (Rogue)

  • Restored Chloe's editorship of the paper when Lana printed an article about censorship, and Chloe promised to keep the Torch focussed on school events and not use it as her "personal tabloid." (Rogue)

  • Caught Clark Kent cutting class and swimming in the off-limits school pool during the middle of the day, and assigned Kent Saturday detention. (Nicodemus)

  • Lived at 1635 West Street, Smallville, KS 66645 (Crush)

  • Had a son, Danny, who is in the U.S. Air Force (Crush)

  • Was killed by Justin Gaines, who believed that Kwan drove the car that hit him and left him for dead six months earlier (Crush)

  • Danny Kwan turned himself in as the hit-and-run driver, and will most likely go to jail (Crush)



  • Quarterback of the varsity football team. (Premiere)

  • Plays on the school basketball team. (Leech)

  • Orders Pay Per View fights with his friends. (Cool)

  • Lex arranged for Whitney to have a tryout at Kansas State for a full scholarship (Craving)

  • Whitney got Lana a first edition of Confederacy of Dunces for her birthday (Craving)

  • His family owns and operated Fordman's Department Store, where Whitney works part time (Shimmer)

  • Whitney's father George Fordman* has been having tests done in Metropolis, and is on a heart medication called Amlodipine Besylate (Shimmer)

  • Whitney lost his football scholarship to Kansas State (Kinetic)

  • Whitney's father had a second heart attack and Whitney had a difficult time dealing with the idea of seeing his once-strong father in the hospital (Reaper)

  • Whitney's father passed away suddenly, despite his condition improving over the previous fortnight. Lana, Clark, the Kents, Chloe and Pete attended the funeral. (Crush)

  • Whitney's father George served in Vietnam, and received three medals, including a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. The latter was awarded for exception valour for rescuing three of the men in during a firefight. Even though he was wounded, he wouldn't leave his men behind. (Obscura)

  • Whitney enlisted in the Marine Corps before graduation, and he shipped out for basic training the Saturday of Spring Formal. (Tempest)

  • Whitney knows how he feels about Lana, and asked her to wait for him. (Tempest)

  • Before he left on his bus, Lana gave him her necklace for luck. (Tempest)

  • Whitney asked Clark to look after Lana while he is gone. (Tempest)

  • Whitney was Team Captain of the high school football team and voted MVP in 2002 (Tempest)

  • Whitney has been "shipped out" to an undisclosed location following Basic Training. (Heat)

  • Whitney and Lana have been writing to one another every week since he left. (Skinwalkers)

  • Whitney has shared more with Lana since they broke up than when they were together. (Skinwalkers)

  • Whitney's mother called Lana and told her that he is MIA. (Skinwalkers)

  • After being declared MIA by the US Marine Corps., Whitney was killed in Indonesia by a mortar shell and his body was recovered by the military. (Visage)

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Notes: The Smallville Ledger incorrectly identifies Whitney's father as being named "Jack." However, canonically his name is George, as this name can be clearly seen on the prescription label for Amlodipine Besylate when Clark x-rays Whitney's backpack (Shimmer)


  • Reporter for the Metropolis Inquisitor. Tried to blackmail Lex, using Lex's sealed juvenile records he obtained through his brother. (X-Ray)

  • Lex put Roger on the payroll to investigate how Clark rescued him. (Hourglass)

  • Lex closed the investigation, and Nixon passed along photos of Lionel sleeping with Victoria Hardwick (Leech)

  • After Carrie Castle's piece on Lex ran in the Journal, Nixon returned to Smallville, taking the initiative and convincing Lex that he needed Lex's money and influence in approaching Eddie Cole, a crop duster who saw a ship crash during the meteor shower. (Obscura)

  • Lex warned Nixon that not only were the Kents off-limits; they were under his personal protection (Obscura)

  • Nixon witnessed Clark rescue Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang from Deputy Watts (Obscura)

  • Nixon blew up a truck with Clark Kent inside, to verify the boy's powers, and then broke into the Kent's storm cellar and videotaped the ship before he was discovered and chased out into a tornado by Jonathan Kent (Tempest)

  • Nixon was shot and killed by Lex Luthor when he attempted to murder Jonathan Kent and kidnap Clark (Vortex)


  • Sold the Luthors a ton of land (Premiere)

  • Was watching her niece Lana when her sister Laura and brother-in-law Lewis Lang were killed (Premiere)

  • Owns and operates the flower shop in town (Premiere)

  • On the day she officially adopted Lana, she gave her a necklace made from a fragment of the meteorite which killed her parents (Premiere)

  • Plays bridge (Premiere)

  • Was in the garden club with Greg Arkin's mother (Metamorphosis)

  • It makes her happy to hang Lana's riding ribbons and trophies in a display case in the stable (Metamorphosis)

  • Was a cheerleader in high school (Hothead)

  • Took a limo to the ballet with Lana (Cool)

  • Convinced Lex Luthor to host her niece's birthday party at the Luthor estate (Craving)

  • Approximately five years ago, took Lana to Metropolis and spent the night at the Luthor's (Premiere)

  • Dated Jonathan Kent (Shimmer)

  • Sold the Talon theatre to Lex Luthor (Kinetic)

  • Is the manager of the rehabbed Talon (Zero)

  • Met and began dating an insurance adjuster named Dean after the tornado (Duplicity)

  • Nell has not spent much time with Lana since she began dating Dean (Duplicity)

  • She and Dean slow-danced in her living room (Duplicity)

  • Had a long talk with Dean, counselling him not to give Lana any more unsolicited advice regarding the Talon (Duplicity)

  • Told Dean that Lana was very independent (Duplicity)

  • Nell never could keep a secret (Duplicity)

  • Dean proposed and she accepted (Duplicity)

  • Nell's fiancé Dean accepted a job in Metropolis and he wanted Nell and Lana to move with him. (Ryan)

  • Nell and Lana argued about the move. Nell believed it would be a great opportunity for Lana. Lana however did not wish to leave Smallville and the Talon. (Ryan)

  • Nell told Lana that she had to move because Nell was her legal guardian and Lana was still a teenager. (Ryan)

  • Gabe Sullivan offered to let Lana live with him and Chloe for the remainder of high school, so that Lana would not have to move. Nell was not wild about the idea, but reluctantly agreed. (Ryan)

  • Even though she agreed to it, Nell was "kind of upset" that Lana decided to stay in Smallville. (Dichotic)


  • Ethan arrested Jonathan Kent when corrupt Metropolis PD detective Sam Phelan planted a body in the Kent barn and a gun in Jonathan's truck (Rogue)

  • Ethan investigated the severed hand left for Lex Luthor at the Talon (Zero)

  • Ethan investigated Chloe Sullivan's kidnapping (Obscura)

  • Ethan was called when Lex Luthor shot Inquisitor reporter Roger Nixon in 3rd party self-defence when Nixon attempted to murder Jonathan Kent (Vortex)

  • Ethan arrested Clark Kent when local high school biology teacher Desiree Atkins accused the boy of setting fire to her car (Heat)

  • Ethan arrested Joseph Willowbrook on suspicion of Dan Hammond's murder when a towel covered in Hammond's blood was found in Willowbrook's trash. (Skinwalkers)

  • Ethan, Jonathan, and Wild Coyote bartender Mike have all known each other since high school. (Suspect)

  • Ethan attempted to kill Lionel Luthor and frame Jonathan Kent for attempted murder, after Lionel attempted to blackmail Ethan over corrupt police procedure regarding the Wild Coyote bar outside town. (Suspect)

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  • Tina was born with a soft bone disease, and no one believed she would live to see the first grade. (X-Ray)

  • At age three, when the meteor shower hit, Tina mysterious became well. (X-Ray)

  • Her mother ran the antique shop in town. (X-Ray)

  • Tina could control her skeleton and musculature to change her shape. (X-Ray)

  • Tina was obsessed with Lana Lang, and considered herself Lana's best friend. The rest of Lana's friends, however, saw Tina as a stalker. (X-Ray)

  • When it was discovered that Tina had robbed a bank disguised as Lex Luthor, and her mother's body was found in the antique shop, Tina tried to kill Lana and replace her. (X-Ray)

  • Tina was declared insane, and (Visage)

  • Tina faked her death, supposedly going into the art therapy room in her psychiatric hospital, doused herself in paint thinner, and lit a match, leaving a suicide note stating she just didn't know who she was anymore and she couldn't take it. (Visage)

  • Tina returned to Smallville disguised as an amnesiac Whitney Fordman, determined to be with Lana, whom she loved. (Visage)

  • To avoid being exposed, Tina attacked and killed a US Marine sent to the Fordman home to inform Mrs. Fordman her son's body had been recovered. (Visage)

  • When Clark realised "Whitney" was in fact Tina, Tina attacked Pete Ross (Visage)

  • Caught in Lana's room, Tina impersonated Chloe Sullivan and discovered that Lana had feelings for Clark. (Visage)

  • Using Lana's necklace to incapacitate Clark, Tina impersonated Clark and kissed Lana. (Visage)

  • Tina was killed after attacking Clark at the Talon. (Visage)


  • Lex offers Dr. Frederick Walden his weekly rate for a 10-minute consultation regarding the Kawatche caves, in the hopes Walden will take on the caves.(Rush)

  • Dr. Frederick Walden, the foremost authority in a field, wrote "Deciphering the Mysteries of Hieroglyphics." (Rush)

  • Walden told Lex he was leaving for Chile, and would not be available until the following year. However, once he saw photographs of the cave paintings, changed his mind. (Rush)

  • When Walden found a nest of the alien parasites in the walls of the Kawatche caves, Lex had one of the live specimens sent to Cadmus Labs in Metropolis to be analysed. (Rush)

  • Lex ordered Walden to give Clark unfettered access to the cave. (Rush)

  • Intended to take a section from the Kawatche Cave Walls without telling Lex (Rosetta)

  • When Lex found out Walden was trying remove parts of the cave when the State Preservation Society threatens to revoke LexCorp's custodial management of the site. (Rosetta)

  • Had a massive seizure that overloaded his cerebral cortex when he put the ship key in to the cave wall, and was rendered completely catatonic. (Rosetta)

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