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Eyes: light blue
Hair: light auburn

  • Can't have children (Premiere)

  • Was taking a night class in October, 2001 (Premiere)

  • Loves red tulips (Premiere)

  • Is originally from Metropolis (Jitters)

  • Sometimes she misses Metropolis (Jitters)

  • Martha and Jonathan met in a Finance Class at Metropolis University. Martha asked to borrow Jonathan's notes as an excuse to talk to him, because she found him attractive. When he handed them over without even asking her name, he said it was he preferred to believe in people. He does not know that she was the official note-taker for the class, and that it was a pretext. (Nicodemus)

  • She didn't move to Smallville for action and glamour. She told Jonathan on their wedding anniversary "I moved because a certain man told me we'd never be rich or travel the world, but he'd always love me. How could I pass up an offer like that?" (Jitters)

  • Martha likes her pancakes with powdered sugar and no syrup. (Stray)

  • Jonathan and Martha decided not to adopt another child because they were concerned about a sibling's ability to keep Clark's secret (Stray)

  • Martha volunteers with the Mobile Meals programme which takes meals to the bedridden and housebound (Reaper)

  • Her organic apple pies are one of the best selling items on the Talon menu (Crush)

  • Was taking a day class in Spring 2002 (Crush)

  • When Clark as a toddler lifted a 500lb oak bedframe over his head, Jonathan and Martha decided to take Clark to a doctor or a scientist, somebody more equipped to understand. But when they got in front of the office, Martha told Jonathan that if they left him there that they'd wanna keep him and they'd never see him again. So they took him home. (Vortex)

  • Lex usually leaves the monthly produce cheque out for Martha to pick up. (Nocturne)

  • Martha had been contemplating going back to work "for a while" prior to Lionel Luthor offering her a position as his assistant. (Nocturne)

  • Desiring a challenge, and a chance to put her education to use, Martha has taken a job as Lionel Luthor's executive assistant, which was not a unanimous decision in the Kent household. (Nocturne)

  • Martha convinced Lionel Luthor to pay for medical research to cure Byron Moore, stating that it would be more financially sound than spending more money on advertising to to restore consumer confidence in LuthorCorp after the closing of subsidiary Metron Pharmaceuticals. (Nocturne)

  • Martha's father William Clark is a high powered lawyer, currently living in Coast City. (Redux)

  • Mr. Clark expected Martha to become a lawyer, and eventually take over his practice. However, Martha never wanted to become a lawyer. (Redux)

  • When Jonathan Kent asked him for Martha's hand in marriage, Mr. Clark refused, saying his daughter deserved better than some hick. Jonathan decked Clark, and the two never spoke again. (Redux)

  • Martha had not seen her father in 20 years, until she went to him for financial help to keep the farm from going under. (Redux)

  • William Clark tried to contact his daughter when they first adopted Clark, however the Kents feared that they could not trust William with Clark's secret, and so they never renewed contact. (Redux)

  • Martha was late for her own wedding. (Lineage)

  • After the meteor shower, Martha and Jonathan loaded Clark's spacecraft into the bed of Jonathan's friend Teddy's truck after Jon found Teddy dead in the cab. They passed Reilly Field, where they were flagged down by a shocky and terrified Lionel Luthor, whose son Lex was unconscious in the field following exposure to a meteor blast. Jonathan and Martha rushed Lex to the hospital, saving his life. (Lineage)

  • Martha named Clark on the spur of the moment with Deputy Ethan Miller came to the Kent household after finding the Kents truck abandoned on Route 17, and Clark ran into the room in front of Ethan. (Lineage)

  • Martha told Ethan she and Jonathan had been working on Clark's adoption for some time, and had been brining him back from Metropolis when the meteors hit. (Lineage)

  • Martha and Jonathan went to Lionel Luthor and called in their favour, to get Lionel to help them create an iron-clad cover story about Clark's adoption. (Lineage)

  • Martha pretends around Jonathan that she doesn't like her job working for Lionel Luthor, but she does. (Ryan)

  • Martha called home and left a message on the answering machine when she was stuck in a closed conference call with Lionel Luthor and the LuthorCorp Board. (Dichotic)

  • Martha blamed herself when Jonathan broke his leg while making repairs on an old tractor, after waiting an hour for her to return home from work. (Dichotic)

  • Jonathan felt that ever since Martha took her job with Lionel Luthor, things had been different between them. (Dichotic)

  • Jonathan doesn't want Martha to quit, but told her that it seems like sometimes the Luthors took top priority and that he would just have to work through that. (Dichotic)

  • Martha told him that she really likes what she's doing, but that Jonathan and Clark will always come first. (Dichotic)

  • Martha had flowers sent to Dan Hammond's family from Lionel Luthor and arranged for him to do a condolence call two days after his death. (Skinwalkers)

  • There are times when Lionel is with Martha, that he'd swear he was talking to his late wife Lillian. Lillian was a lot like Martha. They shared the same unflinching honesty. He misses that. (Skinwalkers)

  • Following Joseph Willowbrook's arrest and release on bail, Martha was attacked in her car by a white wolf. (Skinwalkers)

  • Lionel thought Martha had had a talk with Clark regarding his involvement in the "save the cave" business. When she told him that she had, and that she agreed with him, he asked her if it was worth losing her job. (Skinwalkers)

  • Martha and Jonathan had an argument regarding her job when Jonathan was upset by Lionel Luthor's relationship with his wife, Martha Kent, particularly after Lionel purposely lured Martha to Metropolis on Jonathan and Martha's wedding anniversary. (Insurgence)

  • Martha and Lionel were held hostage by men hired by Lex to break into Lionel's office to plant surveillance equipment. (Insurgence)

  • Martha was offered a promotion and an office in Metropolis, and Lionel gave her a very expensive watch with the words "To Martha, with deep affection, L.L." engraved on the back. (Insurgence)

  • Martha discovered that Lionel is keeping files on Clark, as well as in possession of the octagonal key to Clark's spacecraft and bricks of radioactive meteor rocks in a hidden vault in his office. (Insurgence)

  • Martha palmed the octagonal key and hid it in a flour canister in the kitchen. (Insurgence)

  • Jonathan suggested that Martha remain on Lionel's staff, to spy on Lionel after Martha discovered Lionel was keeping files on Clark. (Insurgence)

  • Jonathan had a heated discussion with Lionel, which was over-heard by Lana Lang, after he found the engraved wristwatch Lionel gave Martha. (Suspect)

  • Martha moved the flour canister containing key from the kitchen to the storm cellar because even thought she knew it was wrong, she was afraid if Clark opened the ship and found out the truth about his origins, he would want to leave them. (Fever)

  • When she buried the key, Martha was exposed to an alien pathogen which attacked her lungs and almost killed her. (Fever)

  • Martha is pregnant, and believes that the light from Clark's ship when the ship was activated during the tornado healed her, curing her infertility. She was waiting to tell her family, worried that she might still miscarry. Jonathan found out when Dr. Bryce was examining Martha after she fell ill due to her exposure to the alien pathogen. (Fever)

  • Dr. Bryce sent Martha's blood samples to Metropolis for further testing. (Fever)

  • Martha told Jonathan that she hid the key because she was afraid if Clark opened the ship and found out the truth about his origins, he would want to leave them. (Fever)

  • Martha and Jonathan do not wish to know the sex of the baby, but wish to find out "the old-fashioned way." (Fever)

  • Martha and Jonathan were concerned about Clark contacting Dr. Virgil Swann regarding the Kryptonian writing Clark burned into the side of their barn. They tell him that they are not trying to keep Clark from learning about his past, but just don't want to see him get hurt, either. They offer to accompany him to New York, but Clark refuses. (Rosetta)

  • Martha's O.B. is named Dr. Baker, and told her that she is perfectly healthy and that her pregnancy is absolutely normal. (Visitor)

  • Dr. Bryce had no new patients since The Inquisitor hit the stands with the double-page spread of her, until Martha Kent. (Visitor)

  • Martha and Jonathan stayed in Metropolis with her father for a few days, following Eric Marsh's attack. (Witness)

  • Martha and Jonathan have reached some kind of understanding with Martha's father. (Witness)

  • Martha regrets never having birthday parties for Clark when he was little, because they were always so nervous. (Calling)

  • Jonathan and Martha are injured when their truck is caught in the shockwave from the destruction of Clark's ship, and Jonathan tells Clark that because Clark didn't think things through, his mother is lying in a hospital bed. (Exodus)

  • Martha had a mild concussion after the truck wreck caused by the destruction of the ship, but miscarried the baby. (Exodus)

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