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Eyes: hazel
Hair: dark brown
height: 5'4"

From the press materials:
15 years old. Raised in Smallville by her Aunt Nell. Like Clark, Lana has grown up an orphan. However, she has learned to ward off her loneliness by being outgoing. Added to her beautiful hair and stunning good looks, Lana has always been popular. Lana dates Smallville's heartthrob and high school quarterback Whitney [Fordman]. Although it appears she has everything, Lana dreams of getting out. She fantasises about flying away to Paris and hopes to someday leave Smallville and make a name for herself in Metropolis. Lana is the untouchable girl-next-door Clark Kent literally worships from afar. Although Lana feels a strange kinship to Clark, he has always acted strangely around her. There's something about her that makes Clark's heart flutter. He goes weak at the knees, breaks out in a sweat, and once he even passed out. Maybe it's a high school crush, or maybe it's something else... When Lex arrives in Smallville, Lana is instantly intrigued. With his flashy car and cool house, he represents the mystery and danger that have always been missing from her small town life.


  • Lana was three when her parent Laura and Lewis Lang were killed. (Premiere)

  • Lewis Lang worked the concession counter of the Talon Theatre in college (Leech)

  • Laura Potter met her future husband there when she got bored during Close Encounters of the Third Kind and wandered out to talk to Lewis Lang, who was working the concession stand (Leech)

  • The meteor fragment Lana wears is part of the meteor that killed her parents. (Premiere)

  • Lana's Aunt Nell gave her the meteor necklace on the day she officially adopted her niece. (Metamorphosis)

  • Met Lex Luthor when she was 10 years old. She went to Metropolis for a riding competition and his father invited Nell and Lana to spend the night. When Lana went to check out the indoor pool, she found Lex and a girl skinny-dipping. (Metamorphosis)

  • She is a cheerleader, Homecoming Queen in 2001 (Premiere)

  • Lana's aunt, Nell Potter, is a member of the garden club with Mrs. Arkin and runs a flower shop called Nell's Bouquet in downtown Smallville. (Metamorphosis)

  • Lana's Parents names were Lewis (1957-1989) and Laura (1959-1989). (Premiere)

  • Lana's Aunt Nell sold the Luthors "a ton of land". (Premiere)

  • When Clark and Lana meet and talk in the cemetery, the moon appears to be full or nearly so. (Premiere)

  • Lana loses her job at the "Beanery" the same week she gets it. (Hothead)

  • Lana's mother, Laura Potter, and aunt Nell Potter were both cheerleaders in school. (Hothead)

  • Lana's mother was the Valedictorian of the class of 1977. The speech began with "I never made a difference here. Maybe my children can." The full address was apparently controversial enough for the school not to reprint it in the school paper. (X-Ray)

  • Lana is no longer wearing her Kryptonite necklace all the time (Cool)

  • She practices defensive reading, burying her nose in a book to avoid life (Cool)

  • Lana's grandparent moved to Smallville 1938, and took over a couple of dustbowl farms when land was cheap. (Hourglass)

  • Lana thought getting into high school would let her start putting her past, and the death of her parents behind her. (Hourglass)

  • When Lana was ten, she tried to run away to Metropolis. Nell found her at the bus stop. It was freezing, and began to snow. As she was driving Lana home, Lana asked Nell if she regretted adopting her. Nell said it was the best thing she had ever done, and she didn't love Lana any less because she was adopted, but she worried about Lana more. (Rogue)

  • Lana volunteers at the Smallville Retirement Center (Hourglass)

  • Skinned her knee in the seventh grade and passed out when she saw the blood (Shimmer)

  • Lana works at the Talon part-time as the Assistant Manager. (Nicodemus)

  • Lana survived being caught in the Tornado with bumps, bruises, and a mild concussion. (Vortex)

  • Chloe and Lana have become close friends and are determined not to let Clark come between them, despite the fact that Clark still has feelings for Lana, and Chloe still has feelings for Clark. (Heat)

  • Lex's original partnership agreement in the Talon allowed him to buy out Lana and Nell's half and have them evicted with no notice. However, the agreement has since been re-drafted to prevent him from ever doing so again. (Heat)

  • Lex purchased a new "very Italian" cappuccino machine for the Talon, which he sent with roses for Lana as an apology for his behaviour. (Heat)

  • Lana told Nell that she was spending the night at Chloe's to study, rather than stay at home when she found Nell slow-dancing in the living room with her boyfriend Dean. She spent the night at the Talon instead (Duplicity)

  • Whitney resented Lana for telling him the truth when she broke up with him long-distance (Duplicity)

  • Lana wishes she had been honest with Whitney sooner (Duplicity)

  • Lana resents Clark for refusing to share his personal life with her, despite the fact that she often shares hers with him (Duplicity)

  • Nell has not spent much time with Lana since she began dating Dean (Duplicity)

  • Lana tried to tell Nell over tea at the Talon that she does not like Nell's boyfriend Dean (Duplicity)

  • Nell told Lana that she is now engaged to her boyfriend Dean (Duplicity)

  • Lana last received an [anonymous] love letter in the third grade (Nocturne)

  • While cleaning out the projector room at the Talon for Spirit Week, Lana discovered several photographs from 1985 of her mother Laura and a strange man who was not her father. (Redux)

  • Nell told Lana that before she was born, her parents went through a rough patch and were separated. (Redux)

  • Lana asked Lex to investigate the man in the photograph. (Redux)

  • Lana learned that the mystery man who may be her biological father is a lawyer named Henry Small. (Lineage)

  • Lana asked Chloe to find out anything she could about Henry. Chloe's advice was for Lana to go see him herself. (Lineage)

  • Lana paid Mr. Small a visit, and was sent away. (Lineage)

  • Henry Small came to the Talon to see her after she sent him a letter. he told her he is willing to find out if she is his daughter. (Lineage)

  • Lana once went riding at the Metropolis Equestrian Center and said she wished you belonged to a club like that because they have fantastic facilities. (Ryan)
  • Nell's fiancé Dean accepted a job in Metropolis and he wanted Nell and Lana to move with him. (Ryan)

  • Nell and Lana argued about the move. Nell believed it would be a great opportunity for Lana. Lana however did not wish to leave Smallville and the Talon. (Ryan)

  • Nell told Lana that she had to move because Nell was her legal guardian and Lana was still a teenager. (Ryan)

  • Gabe Sullivan offered to let Lana live with him and Chloe for the remainder of high school, so that Lana would not have to move. Nell was not wild about the idea, but reluctantly agreed. (Ryan)

  • Lana moved into the Sullivan's house in Pleasant Meadows (Dichotic)

  • Despite the fact that she fought to stay in Smallville, Lana has "abandonment" issues related to Nell moving to Metropolis (Dichotic)

  • Lana had a math study session with Clark that he had to cancel, because of his father's accident so he could make the feed store run. (Dichotic)

  • Higher math and Lana don't seem to get along very well. (Dichotic)

  • Ian told Clark that Lana said he sent off so many mixed signals he could scramble a radar. (Dichotic)

  • Ian told Lana that Chloe had a crush on him, and not to say anything to Chloe about their going out. (Dichotic)

  • Lana and Chloe stayed up talking about Clark, and called him to meet them at the Talon so they could apologise for the way they treated him when he tried to warn them about Ian. (Dichotic)

  • Lana and Whitney have been writing to one another every week since he left. (Skinwalkers)

  • Whitney has shared more with Lana since they broke up than when they were together. (Skinwalkers)

  • Lana always thought Clark had trouble letting people in before he met Kyla. (Skinwalkers)

  • Henry Small and Lana took a DNA test, and the results proved he is her biological father. (Skinwalkers)
  • Small doesn't think he's earned the right to be called "father" in Lana's life yet but would like to, to if Lana believes it's not too late. (Skinwalkers)
  • At Clark Kent's behest, Lana asked Henry to take the Willowbrook's case against LuthorCorp. (Skinwalkers)
  • Whitney's mother called Lana and told her that he is MIA. (Skinwalkers)

  • Lana was shocked when an apparently amnesiac Whitney returned home from overseas. (Visage)

  • She didn't tell him they had broken up, because he needed her then more than ever. Seeing him again, a lot of her feelings for Whitney came back, feelings she thought were long gone. (Visage)

  • Jennifer Small warns Lana away from Henry, telling her that he believes in what he is doing "until it gets too difficult, or he loses interest...which he always does." (Insurgence)

  • Jennifer warns Lana because she does not want to see Lana get hurt the next time Henry's priorities suddenly change.(Insurgence)

  • After Travis death, Lana met with the school counsellor who told her she needs to look forward, embrace living, carpe diem. At first she thought it sounded corny, but the more she thought about it, realised she doesn't want to be a spectator in her own life. (Rush)

  • Clark got up the nerve to ask Lana out on a date, following Travis' death and Lana's insistence that she's going to "seize the day."(Rush)

  • When Chloe learns of Lana's date with Clark, despite their pact that the two of them wouldn't let Clark come between them, she insists that her feelings for Clark are "so ancient... they're fossilised," and tells Lana she should "go for it." and that if she were in Lana's position, she would do the exact same thing, and tells her "Don't let me be your excuse." (Rush)

  • Clark broke his first official date with Lana, so that he could try and get Pete to the hospital. (Rush)

  • When Lana is told by one of the Talon waitstaff that a couple are stripping and making out in a booth, she goes to investigate and is upset and begins to cry when it turns out to be Chloe and Clark. (Rush)

  • Clark attempts to apologise to Lana for his behaviour under the influence of red kryptonite. However, Lana tells him "It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you and Chloe still have feelings for each other. Clark, you can't lie to me about something I saw with my own eyes. For once, just be honest with yourself. I know why Chloe was kissing you. But why were you kissing her back?" (Rush)

  • Knows what kind of coffee Chloe drinks (Prodigal)

  • Lana couldn't bring herself to go back and visit Clark when he was sick because it really scared her to see him like that. (Fever)

  • Lana found Chloe's letter crumpled in the trash at the Torch, and unaware that Clark was still in the dark about Chloe's true feelings, this prompted her to tell Clark how important he is to her. (Fever)

  • Decides to commit to her mother's side of the family for a genealogy project. (Rosetta)

  • When Lana told Clark she and Chloe weren't speaking due to an invasion of privacy issue, Clark immediately assumed Chloe had been the one to invade Lana's privacy, rather than the other way around. However, he does not condemn Lana for the same crime he was willing to condemn Chloe. (Rosetta)

  • Chloe listed Lana as her sister on the genealogy assignment, after deciding that family wasn't about the people who didn't love her, it was about the people who do, no matter what. (Rosetta)

  • Whitney's horse is named Tyson. Lana hadn't taken him out much, after Whitney's disappearance and death. (Visitor)

  • Lex offered to board Tyson in the mansion stables free of charge, but Lana turned him down. Lex assumed she was holding out for "the right offer." (Visitor)

  • Jonathan and Lana got Tyson out of the horse trailer just fine, and then Lana was walking the horse in the paddock and he collapsed. Lana had seen him sick before--but never that bad. (Visitor)

  • Had Cyrus turned out to be an alien, Lana would have tried to keep an open mind, but would have been a little freaked out (Visitor)

  • Lana asked Lex to teach her to fight. (Precipice)

  • Looked into taking Karate classes after her fighting lesson with Lex. (Precipice)

  • Lana is still competing at horse shows, and invited Henry and Jennifer Small to watch her ride. (Witness)

  • Clark missed the deadline on an article about the debate team he was supposed to write for The Torch because he was spending time helping Lana get ready for a horse show. (Witness)

  • Lana and Chloe saw Jennifer Small kiss and hug a man who was not her husband, exiting a building in Smallville. (Witness)

  • Jennifer told Lana that the man she was with was an old friend from college--who happens to be Jennifer's divorce attorney. (Witness)

  • Jennifer told Lana that she is divorcing Henry because prior to Lana becoming a part of Henry's life, Jennifer had always been her husband's priority. However, now Lana is all henry talks about, and he sees Lana as "a window to a happier time." (Witness)

  • Lana's horse, Donatello, is being boarded at the Kent's. (Witness)

  • Lana told Henry that, rather than going to her horse show, he should spend that time with his wife because she had hired a divorce attorney. (Witness)

  • She and Emily Dinsmore used to come to the river. They'd make boats out of flowers and float them downstream. The boats always sunk before they got around the bend. (Accelerate)

  • Emily used to insist that a candle flickering or a curtain rustling was Lana's mother trying to communicate. (Accelerate)

  • Even though Emily believed in ghosts, Lana always knew they were make-believe. (Accelerate)

  • Cries alone in her room at night. (Accelerate)

  • Gave Emily a diary for her 9th birthday. (Accelerate)

  • While playing with Emily on the wet bridge, Lana fell into the river. Emily jumped in after her, but they got separated, and the current was too strong for Lana to go back and save her. (Accelerate)

  • Clark and Lana's first kiss is seven minutes before his birthday. (Calling)

  • Clark is convinced that he and Lana are "meant to be together. I've never been so sure about anything in my life." (Calling)

  • Lana puts a hold on her relationship with Clark because she's concerned that it will ruin three friendships--Clark and Chloe's, Chloe and Lana's, and Clark and Lana's. (Calling)

  • Chloe goes to Clark's barn after refusing Lionel's offer, and witnesses Clark and Lana kissing. (Calling)

  • Claims she can always tell when Clark's being untruthful. (Exodus)

  • Lana tells Clark they are not officially dating until after they officially tell Chloe about our change in status. (Exodus)

  • Chloe asks Lana outright about her and Clark, and Lana lies to her, because Clark was supposed to tell Chloe. (Exodus)

unverified facts

  • She is on the Equestrian team and cheerleading squad took first place at summer camp; 4-H State Fair Red Ribbon - Horsemanship 14-18 (Smallville Torch)

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