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Earl Jenkins
Earl worked as a farm hand on the Kent family farm for six seasons. He spent 12 hours a day with Clark out in the fields and tried to teach Clark how to play guitar. He said it was a good way to impress women. However, he stopped the lessons when Clark kept breaking the strings. Earl took a better paying job at LuthorCorp Plant #3 as a janitor, but was let go after an accident on Level Three affected his health. The accident embedded fragments of kryptonite beneath his skin, and his body tried to expel them through violent involuntary muscle spasms that were slowly killing him. Leaving his wife and infant son in Metropolis, Earl tried to reach Lionel Luthor but accidentally killed one of the night janitors. Fleeing to Smallville, he hid in the Kent's barn until he was discovered. Earl escaped from the hospital, and took Gabe Sullivan and Gabe's daughter Chloe's high school class hostage, trying to find out what happened to him on Level Three. Lex Luthor took personal responsibility, and pledged that LuthorCorp would get Earl the best medical care possible. (Jitters)
Zoe Garfield
A waitress at the Beanery, Clark saved her life when Harry Volk tried to strangle her, in revenge for her grandmother Eve Garfield serving on the jury who convicted him for murder in 1945. Her grandmother passed away in 2000. She wears a silver unicorn necklace. (Hourglass)
Jeff Palmer
The Palmers were a "fixture" at the manor. Lex brought the family to Smallville from Metropolis. They were dismissed when it was discovered that Amy Palmer was stealing, and had a shrine to Lex in her bedroom. Jeff attacked and almost killed Victoria Hardwick, and then attacked Lex, using the oils of a kryptonite affected rose to make himself invisible. (Shimmer)
Amy Palmer
Amy was obsessed with Lex, and wrote him poetry and letters as well as stole the watch his late mother gave him. She believed she was in love with him because he actually seemed to notice her, and only did it to be closer to him.
Eric Summers
Eric's father is the Science teacher at Smallville High. When Clark rescued Eric from a bridge during a storm, they were struck by lightning, and the kryptonite Eric held in his hand somehow transferred Clark's gifts to the shy boy. Dubbed "Superboy" by the Smallville ledger after rescuing Chloe's bag containing her laptop from a purse snatcher, Eric briefly became the toast of the town. Eric, however, had difficulty controlling his new gifts and almost killed Clark. The situation was exacerbated by his father's physical and verbal abuse, which lead Eric to trashing his house.
Greg Arkin
Greg, Pete and Clark were childhood friends. Greg's father had built a playhouse in the woods, however Clark couldn't play there due to the kryptonite deposits around the tree house. Greg was equally obsessed with entomology and Lana Lang. When his mother discovered Greg was videotaping Lana, Greg tried to run away. However, when he crashed his car, all his insects escape and stung and bit him. Greg mutated, and took on an insect's life cycle—killing his mother and trying to take Lana as a mate. He was killed when he attempted to kill Clark.
Amanda Rothman
Young woman engaged to Jude Royce. Lex took Amanda to the "infamous" Club Zero in Metropolis in 1999. Amanda caught her fianceé with another woman. When Jude stabbed Lex, Amanda accidentally shot him, killing him. Lex took the blame for the incident, which was then covered up by the Metropolis police detective Sam Phelan. Amanda committed suicide over the incident a year later.
Jude Royce
Fiancé of Amanda Rothman, who was caught cheating on her at Club Zero in 1999. Jude was shot and killed in the incident.
Max Kasich
Bouncer at Club Zero in 1999 who took the fall for Amanda Rothman in exchange for a great deal of money. Max was murdered by Amanda Rothman's brother, and his severed hand was sent to Lex Luthor as a warning.
Mr. Raines
Lex's head of security.
Carrie Castle
Reporter for the Metropolis Journal. Graduate of East Tennessee Community College. She was sent to Smallville by Lionel Luthor to write an expose about Lex that would discredit him. However, Lex arranged a position as Managing Editor of the Journal for her, if she would re-write the story. It was an offer she couldn't refuse.
Paul Chan
Despite being stung by over 100 bees, Paul was elected Class President for the 2002/2003 school year (Drone)
Felice Chandler
Head cheerleader and president of the drama club, before she was stung by over 1000 bees and put into a coma (Drone)
Pamela Jenkins
Was hired by Lillian Luthor as a child care provider, and companion for her son Lex after she became ill. Lillian made Pamela promise on her deathbed to stay and raise her son. After Lillian died, she left Pamela all her stock in LuthorCorp. Lionel Luthor forced Pamela to leave, threatening to disinherit Lex if Pamela ever had any contact with him again. Pamela was diagnosed with cancer, and when it metastasised, she journeyed to Metropolis to get Lex's forgiveness. (Crush)
Justin Gaines
Justin used to draw a comic strip called "Flaming Crows Feet" for the Smallville Torch. He was injured in a hit-and-run accident and suffered severe nerve damage to his hands and would never draw again. Justin had a crush on Chloe Sullivan, who wrote to him via e-mail the entire time he was in Metropolis Children's Hospital. After the accident Justin developed a very powerful form of telekinesis. When Justin maimed his doctor and killed Principal H. Kwan (believing Kwan was the driver who hit him) Justin tried to kill both Clark and Chloe. Justin is now in a psychiatric hospital. (Crush)
George Fordman
Whitney's father. Owned and operated Fordman's Department Store, where his son Whitney works part time (Shimmer). Had tests done in Metropolis, and was on a heart medication called Amlodipine Besylate (Shimmer). Served in Vietnam, and received three medals, including a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. The latter was awarded for exception valour for rescuing three of the men in during a firefight. Even though he was wounded, he wouldn't leave his men behind (Obscura). Survived a heart attack (Reaper), but died shortly afterward (Crush).
Eddie Cole
Crop duster who had his licence pulled by the FAA 12 years earlier, because he kept telling people he saw a ship crash in Miller's field during the meteor shower. Clark's ship passed barely ten feet from his plane when it crashed. (Obscura)
Desiree Atkins
Formerly Smallville's own Alison Sanders, Ms. Atkins replaced Mrs. Kowalski as the Smallville High Biology teacher after seducing Lex Luthor while Lex was away on a business trip. After a whirlwind courtship and wedding, Atkins tried to get both Clark and Jonathan Kent to kill Lex so that she could inherit his fortune. In 1989, young Alison was in a truck with her boyfriend when the meteors hit, endowing her with the ability to use pheromones to force men to do her bidding.
Terrance Reynolds
Former headmaster of Excelsior Prep School. He was dismissed from that position when Lionel Luthor pressured the school to fire him and keep Lex despite his expulsion hearing. Was talked about as candidate for head of the Metropolis Board of Education before moving to Smallville.
William Clark
Martha's father William Clark is a high powered lawyer, currently living in Coast City. Mr. Clark expected Martha to become a lawyer, and eventually take over his practice. When Jonathan Kent asked him for Martha's hand in marriage, Clark refused, saying his daughter deserved better than some hick. Jonathan decked Clark, and the two never spoke again. Martha had not seen her father in 20 years, until she went to him for financial help to keep the farm from going under. Clark tried to contact his grandfather a few times, but received no answer.
Rachel Dunlevy
Rachel Dunlevy was one of Lillian Luthor's nurses. She had an affair with Lionel, which resulted in a son whom she named Lucas. She presented the boy to Lionel, and wanted him to leave his wife and marry her. Lionel bribed her to give the boy up for adoption, and then had her placed in a psychiatric ward for seven years. When she discovered that Clark Kent's adoption was handled by the same agency Lionel had used to place Lucas, she became convinced that Clark was their son, and she kidnapped Lex Luthor to try and force Lionel to acknowledge his illegitimate son. She is now back in a private clinic, being treated for mental illness.
Lucas Luthor
Rachel Dunlevy and Lionel Luthor's son. Lionel told Lex that the boy died as an infant, however he keeps a lock of blond hair and a photo of himself and an approximately 10 year old boy in a pocketwatch.
Ryan James
A telepathic and empathic boy whom Martha Kent accidentally hit with her car. Ryan was fleeing his abusive step-father, who was exploiting the boy's abilities in order to rob pawn shop owners. Ryan knew Clark's secret, having read Martha's mind. Ryan moved to Edge City with his aunt. However, when he began to have unexplained migraines, his aunt took him to Summerholt Research Facility in Metropolis. Dr. Gardner discovered that Ryan had a brain tumour which was causing his abilities. Ryan's aunt left him with the doctor and moved to Arizona. Ryan called Clark, to tell him that Dr. Gardner was holding him against his will and experimenting on him. Clark broke Ryan out, and with Lex and Judge Ross' help, got a restraining order to grant them temporary custody. Clark considers Ryan the little brother he never had, and Clark did everything he could to prevent his death, including running over 400 miles to convince a famous doctor named Burton to treat the boy. Clark was devastated by Ryan's death.
Mayor Tate
Up for re-election soon. It's his fourth term. Mayor Tate has been friends with Lionel Luthor ever since LuthorCorp bought the old cream corn plant. Lionel was always a very generous supporter of Tate. Over the past 12 years, 32 city contracts have been awarded to firms with ties to Mayor Tate. His sweetheart deals have endangered our environment and harmed businesses trying to compete on an uneven playing field.
Lt. Sawyer
Lieutenant Sawyer was the Metropolis PD officer assigned too the LuthorCorp office hostage situation. (Insurgence)
Emily Eva Dinsmore
Lana's best friend in childhood. Born January 20, 1986, died April 14, 1996. her father gave Emily a locket for her 10th birthday, because she wanted a necklace like Lana's. Died attempting to pull Lana out of the river after she fell from the slippery bridge. Her father moved to Grandville after Emily died. (Accelerate)

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