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  • Crusading lawyer who, in 1985 before Lana was born, dated Laura Potter while she was separated from her husband Lewis Lang. (Lineage)

  • His family, the Smallville Smalls, are considered the town's "First Family." (Lineage)

  • He has a vendetta against the Luthors, and boycotted the Talon until Lana came to him with suspicions that he was her father. (Lineage)

  • At first he claimed Laura was ancient history, he had a family now, and Lana should leave him alone. She sent him a letter, however, and he was reinitiated contact, willing to find out if she is in fact his and Laura's child. (Lineage)

  • He and Lana took a DNA test, and the results proved he is her biological father. (Skinwalkers)

  • He doesn't think he's earned the right to be called "father" in Lana's life yet but would like to, to if Lana believes it's not too late. (Skinwalkers)

  • At Clark Kent's behest, Lana asked Henry to take the Willowbrook's case against LuthorCorp. (Skinwalkers)

  • Based on discoveries in the cave, Henry got a cease and desist order to halt construction, with a hearing set for a week from that day. (Skinwalkers)

  • When Joseph Willowbrook was arrested under suspicion of murder, Small acted as his legal counsel. (Skinwalkers)

  • When Jennifer Small married Henry, he was the editor of the law review and was going to run for Congress. (Insurgence)

  • Jennifer Small warns Lana away from Henry, telling her that he believes in what he is doing "until it gets too difficult, or he loses interest...which he always does." (Insurgence)

  • According to his wife Jennifer, Henry Small has two children in boarding school whom he never calls, and even when they're home, he doesn't have time for them or anyone else. (Insurgence)

  • Jennifer warns Lana because she does not want to see Lana get hurt the next time Henry's priorities suddenly change.(Insurgence)

  • Used to be a criminal attorney. (Suspect)

  • Fired from his firm after LuthorCorp filed a complaint against him for refusing to go along with "with one of his ethically dubious schemes." (Suspect)

  • Represented a murder suspect in Kansas v Sutton as a young court-appointed defence counsel, didn't do his job zealously and Sutton was five years later, three years after Sutton's family proved his innocence. He quit criminal law and took up activism because " least I know nobody's gonna die because of me." (Suspect)

  • Lana is still competing at horse shows, and invited Henry and Jennifer Small to watch her ride. (Witness)

  • Lana told Henry that, rather than going to her horse show, he should spend that time with his wife because she had hired a divorce attorney. (Witness)

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