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  • When Jennifer Small married Henry, he was the editor of the law review and was going to run for Congress. (Insurgence)

  • Jennifer Small warns Lana away from Henry, telling her that he believes in what he is doing "until it gets too difficult, or he loses interest...which he always does." (Insurgence)

  • According to his wife Jennifer, Henry Small has two children in boarding school whom he never calls, and even when they're home, he doesn't have time for them or anyone else. (Insurgence)

  • Jennifer warns Lana because she does not want to see Lana get hurt the next time Henry's priorities suddenly change.(Insurgence)

  • Lana is still competing at horse shows, and invited Henry and Jennifer Small to watch her ride. (Witness)

  • Lana and Chloe saw Jennifer Small kiss and hug a man who was not her husband, exiting a building in Smallville. (Witness)

  • Jennifer told Lana that the man she was with was an old friend from college--who happens to be Jennifer's divorce attorney. (Witness)

  • Jennifer told Lana that she is divorcing Henry because prior to Lana becoming a part of Henry's life, Jennifer had always been her husband's priority. However, now Lana is all henry talks about, and he sees Lana as "a window to a happier time." (Witness)

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