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  • Spams Chloe's e-mail account with mail for Clark trying to contact him, consisting only of the Kryptonian word for "Hope," and a note reading, "I have something for you." (Rosetta)

  • His login name for instant messenger is vswann (Rosetta)

  • Was Time Magazine's "Man of the Year." (Rosetta)

  • Graduated from MIT at the age of 19 with a doctorate in math and applied physics. (Rosetta)

  • Started Swann communications in the 70s, was the world's largest producer of satellites. (Rosetta)
  • Dubbed "The Man of Tomorrow" by Scientific American (Rosetta)

  • Sold his company and put his millions towards charitable research. (Rosetta)

  • Spent his time searching for signs of life in the universe. (Rosetta)

  • Hasn't made a phone call in 13 years. (Rosetta)

  • Works in the back room of the New York Planetarium; he finds it peaceful, and owns the building (Rosetta)

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