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Eyes: dark brown
Hair: dark brown


  • Pete is a freshman with Clark. He joined the football team, to try and avoid being chosen as the Scarecrow during Homecoming (Premiere)

  • On the Torch staff with Chloe (Premiere)

  • Pete and Clark used to hang out with Greg Arkin in grade school (Metamorphosis)

  • His father and brothers were coached by Coach Walt, who used to come over to the Ross house to watch the Superbowl (Hothead)

  • According to Coach Walt, he doesn't have a lick of natural talent, but he's got a truckload of heart. (Hothead)

  • He has at least one sister (Cool)

  • Sean Kelvin was always nice to him (Cool)

  • According to Chloe, he acts like a Vegas bookie picks his dates (Cool)

  • Took a "friend" for a spin in Lex's limo when Clark and Lana had to forego the Radiohead concert in Metropolis due to Sean trying to kill Chloe (Cool)

  • Pete has a driving licence of some kind (Hourglass)

  • Had a thing for Jodi Mellville (Craving)

  • Women dig him (Craving)

  • When Jonathan Kent is arrested, he tells Martha to have Bill Ross meet him at the jail, implying that Bill is the Kent's lawyer. Ross may or may not be a relative of Pete's (Rogue)

  • Played a pick-up game of basketball with Clark and Whitney and Whitney's friends (Leech)

  • Pete's family feels that Lionel Luthor "screwed [them] out of the creamed corn factory" and Pete resents Lex's relationship with Clark, believing that Lex has supplanted him as Clark's best friend. (Nicodemus)

  • Pete finds Chloe beautiful, but she is too obsessed with Clark to notice he notices (Nicodemus)

  • Pete swells up "like a grapefruit" if he gets stung by even one bee. (Drone)

  • Pete's mother is a judge at the County Courthouse. Pete is supposed to spend the summer helping her. (Crush)

  • Pete volunteered to intern in Mayor Siegel's office for the summer (Crush)

  • Pete asked Erica Fox, the hottest girl in their class, to the Spring Formal (Obscura)

  • Clark used to camp in Pete's backyard (Duplicity)

  • Pete and Clark used to ride their bikes through the woods (Duplicity)

  • Clark used to play basketball with Pete and his brothers (Duplicity)

  • Pete drives a vintage dark blue 1964 Ford Falcon convertible (Duplicity)

  • Pete witnessed Dr. Hamilton run Ray Wallace off the road, and when he went to help Wallace, he discovered Clark's spacecraft (Duplicity)

  • Pete lied to the Sheriff about not remembering where Wallace went off the road, so that he could buy enough time to borrow Clark's dad's truck to get the spacecraft back to the tool shed in his backyard (Duplicity)

  • No one ever goes to the tool shed in Pete's backyard (Duplicity)

  • When Pete planned to tell Chloe about the spacecraft, Clark revealed the fact that he is an alien with special powers to Pete (Duplicity)

  • Pete was angry with Clark for not trusting him (Duplicity)

  • Pete kept Clark's secret, despite his life being threatened by Dr. Hamilton (Duplicity)

  • Pete and Clark broke into Metropolis Genetics Lab and swapped Clark's saliva sample with Pete's spit for the Dunlevy/Luthor paternity test. (Lineage)

  • Pete's family had second thoughts about selling the creamed corn factory to Lionel Luthor in 1989. They did not want to sell to an outsider, but Jonathan Kent convinced them to sell. (Lineage)

  • Pete's mother, Judge Ross, co-signed the restraining order with the judge from Metropolis that allowed the Kents to temporarily retain custody of Ryan James. The restraining order came about as the result of a phone call from Lex Luthor at five in the morning. (Ryan)

  • Pete is stressed out over Clark's secret. He's worried that one day he will slip up and tell someone and then they'll lock Clark up in a place like Summerholt. (Ryan)

  • Pete received a B+ on the candlestick maker he made in Mr. Frankel's metal shop class. He asked Clark to use his X-Ray vision to reveal his grade early. (Dichotic)

  • Pete found Mr. Frankel's body in a closet in metal shop class. he and Clark were almost killed when Ian Randall set a fire to try and cover the teacher's murder. (Dichotic)

  • Pete and Clark went dirt-biking near Miller's Bend. (Skinwalkers)

  • Buried a jar of quarters in his back yard when he was ten, hasn't found it since. (Suspect)

  • Older brother used to go to the Wild Coyote all the time in high school; the bar allegedly never checked IDs. (Suspect)

  • Chloe took Pete to a rave which turned out to be located in the Kawatche caves. She didn't know it was being held in the caves; she just downloaded the directions on the internet. (Rush)

  • Under the influence of the alien parasite, Pete cuts doughnuts out in the field on his motor bike, scaring the Kent's cattle. (Rush)

  • Chloe and Pete do not remember anything that happened to them while they were under the influence of the alien parasites. (Rush)

  • Pete has an old Betamax and his dad's Pong game in the storage shed on the Ross property. (Fever)

  • Pete has seen Clark bench press a tractor-trailer. (Fever)

  • The Ross family has been in Smallville since "the Jurassic era." (Rosetta)

  • Clark used Pete's laptop to contact Dr. Swann. (Rosetta)

  • After meeting with Dr. Swann, Clark tells Pete to call the meteor rocks "kryptonite." (Visitor)

  • Talks at the screen during movies. (Accelerate)

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