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Eyes: green/hazel
Hair: dark brown
Height: 6'3" - 6'4"
Shoe size: 14

From the press materials:
15 years old. The adopted son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. The Kents had always dreamed of having a child. They got their wish 12 years ago, when a meteor shower streaked across the Smallville sky. When they raced into their field to investigate, they discovered a strange metallic craft had crash-landed. Even stranger was the three-year-old boy who crawled out of the smoking crater and into Martha's arms, totally unscathed. Unwilling to part with the boy, Martha and Jonathan vowed to tell no-one. If friends asked, they said Martha's sister had passed away and left the child in their care. Jonathan hid the craft in an old storm cellar on the edge of their property. He even ventured to the back alleys of Metropolis, where he commissioned a fake birth certificate. And so Clark Kent came into being. The Kent's hoped to keep the true nature of Clark's origins a secret, but they soon discovered that Clark was not like other boys. As he grew, Clark displayed incredible physical strength. Fearing he would be discovered by the authorities and treated like a science experiment, the Kent's told Clark he was adopted and that he had to keep his special powers a secret.

Although he could have mastered any sport he tried, his superhuman strength would have given him away. So instead, Clark turned to academics, excelling in every subject, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. He was particularly drawn to astronomy, and spent hours in the family barn, peering through a telescope, dreaming of worlds beyond. However, now he's 15, puberty's set in and he's just starting high school. He's also beginning to develop powers that the Kent's can't explain and Clark can't control. Jonathan and Martha realise it's time to share the whole secret with their son. For the first time in his life, Clark begins to feel the burden of his awesome gifts. In the back of his mind, Clark also fears that he is somehow responsible for the weird occurrences that have been plaguing Smallville since the meteor shower that brought him to earth. He vows to use his ever-growing powers to put an end to them. Now, the boy who always felt different, knows he's truly alone in the world, with a secret nobody can understand... And this is only his second week of high school...


  • Clark doesn't like peas (Zero)

  • The Kent's home phone number is 555-0145 and they live on Hickory Lane, Smallville, Kansas. No house number. (Premiere)

  • Clark has a very cool computer—which he scans very quickly (Premiere)

  • Jonathan used to take Clark fishing on Mr. Bell's property, before Lionel Luthor bought his land and had him evicted. (Premiere)

  • The Kents grow organic produce which they sell at an outdoor Farmer's Market. (Metamorphosis)

  • Jonathan Kent has the spaceship Clark arrived in hidden in the storm cellar. (Metamorphosis)

  • The truck Lex gives Clark is (at best guess) a Ford F-250 Superduty, est. cost $30,000. (Premiere)

  • When Clark and Lana meet and talk in the cemetery, the moon appears to be full or nearly so (Premiere) (In actuality, on October 16, 2001, there was a new moon over most of the US. It was full on October 16, 1997, though. Hmmm.)

  • Clark and Pete Ross played with Greg Arkin as children, until they were about 13 or 14 years old. (Metamorphosis)

  • Clark reveals to Jonathan that the meteor rocks are what affect him (Hothead)

  • Clark knows he's adopted. (Hothead).

  • Clark's assigned Crows jersey at practice is #89 and is assigned to play starting tailback (which was also his father' position on the team). (Hothead)

  • Clark, because of his gifts, was not allowed in playgroups or to play little league as a child. (Hothead)

  • We know that Clark can tell his parents that he's going somewhere without actually asking them to go first. (Cool)

  • Clark appears to have some gift at being able to math calculations very quickly in his head. (Cool) (Either that or he's snooping in his parents bank records)

  • Expresses a fear of being left alone (Hourglass)

  • Lies to Lex about remembering anything else from the accident—without flinching, hesitation or dissembling (Hourglass)

  • His grandfather was named Hiram Kent (Hourglass) and played football (Hothead)
  • The window in Clark's loft faces West (Shimmer)

  • As a child, Clark would sit in the paddock, practising casting using his first fishing rod, until his folks would come out and make him go to bed (Reaper)

  • Every year, Clark and his father go on a fishing trip on Milk River (Reaper)

  • Clark ran for Class President under the slogan "Man of Tomorrow", but lost to Paul Chan (Drone)

  • Clark has romantic feelings for Chloe Sullivan, but is worried that acting on them would mean losing her as a friend (Crush)

  • Clark told Lana that he believes he missed his chance with her, and that he can't go back (Crush)

  • Clark first met Chloe in the eight grade, when she transferred from Metropolis. He was assigned to show her around. The first thing she asked was where she could buy a copy of the Daily Planet, so she could stay in touch with civilisation. When Chloe found out he lived on a farm, she insisted he show her, so that she might experience it first hand. She thought he was Amish. When he took her to the Fortress of Solitude, she kissed him, saying that she knew he'd been thinking about it all day, and they should be friends instead. It was Clark's first kiss. (Obscura)

  • Clark's spacecraft crashed in the Miller's field. (Obscura)

  • Clark's powers are steadily increasing. He barely feels the heat from explosions, and the debris no longer bruises him. (Tempest)

  • Whitney asked Clark to look after Lana while he is gone. (Tempest)

  • First time that Clark used his abilities, he crawled under a big oak bed that Jonathan's grandfather had made. Jonathan crawled underneath to try and get him out then all of a sudden the frame just came up in the air. He was a toddler lifting what something like over five hundred pounds over his head. (Vortex)

  • After the bed incident, Jonathan and Martha decided to take Clark to a doctor or a scientist, somebody more equipped to understand. But when they got in front of the office, Martha told Jonathan that if they left him there that they'd wanna keep him and they'd never see him again. So they took him home. (Vortex)

  • Clark spent most of the summer of 2002 working on the farm, and was neither "around much" to hang out with Lana, nor did he emailed Chloe while she was working in Metropolis on a part of the Daily Planet Summer Internship Programme. (Heat)

  • Clark developed "heat vision" the first day of the 2002/2003 school year. Triggered by hormones connected to his sex drive, Clark quickly learned to control his new "gift" and can use it to pop popcorn, set Scarecrows alight, melt bullets, super-heat door handles, and light candles. (Heat)

  • Clark acted as best man at Lex's wedding to Desiree Atkins. (Heat)

  • Clark was briefly jailed as a suspected arsonist after Desiree Atkins claimed he had set fire to her car. When Sheriff Ethan opened the cell door when there was a small fire in the holding cell area, Clark escaped. He was given a slap on the wrist by the Sheriff's office, but cleared of all charges once Ms. Atkins was arrested for the attempted murder of her husband. (Heat)

  • Clark used to camp in Pete's backyard (Duplicity)

  • Pete and Clark used to ride their bikes through the woods (Duplicity)

  • Clark used to play basketball with Pete and his brothers (Duplicity)

  • Pete witnessed Dr. Hamilton run Ray Wallace off the road, and when he went to help Wallace, he discovered Clark's spacecraft (Duplicity)

  • Pete lied to the Sheriff about not remembering where Wallace went off the road, so that he could buy enough time to borrow Clark's dad's truck to get the spacecraft back to the tool shed in his backyard (Duplicity)

  • When Pete planned to tell Chloe about the spacecraft, Clark revealed the fact that he is an alien with special powers to Pete, defying his parents (Duplicity)

  • Pete was angry with Clark for not trusting him, and Clark told Lana that he was worried their friendship was over (Duplicity)

  • Clark gets a $20 allowance from his parents (Red)

  • At times, Clark is envious of his friends cool clothes, toys, and cars which his family cannot afford (Red)

  • Clark tried to contact his grandfather a few times, but received no answer. (Redux)

  • Clark is not much of a morning person. (Lineage)

  • Clark stayed up late studying for a test on Greek Tragedy. (Lineage)

  • Clark broke his alarm clock again, after his father fixed it, by crushing it while trying to hit "snooze." (Lineage)

  • Clark can make toast using his heat vision. (Lineage)

  • Clark has access to Chloe's email in the Torch office. (Lineage)

  • Clark was furious when he discovered Chloe had corresponded with Rachel Dunlevy. (Lineage)

  • Clark and Pete broke into Metropolis Genetics Lab and swapped Clark's saliva sample with Pete's spit for the Dunlevy/Luthor paternity test. (Lineage)

  • Jonathan helped Clark land a particularly strong fish on one of their annual fishing trips, and Clark has a photo of the fish which he showed to Lana Lang. (Lineage)

  • Clark has a little fear of flying. (Ryan)

  • Clark and Ryan James exchanged email and phone calls after Ryan moved to Edge City with his aunt. (Ryan)

  • Clark made a stylised "S" in Mr. Frankel's metal shop class, because he believed the school logo could use an update. Mr. Frankel told him that his form could use a little function. (Dichotic)

  • Clark had a math study session with Lana that he had to cancel, because of his father's accident so he could make the feed store run. (Dichotic)

  • Clark insisted to Pete that he and Lana are just friends, and that he was not jealous when he saw Ian kiss Lana in the hall. Pete did not believe him. (Dichotic)

  • Clark told Chloe and Lana that he didn't appreciate being treated like the jealous boyfriend. If they want to be friends, then they should just be friends. (Dichotic)

  • While dirt-biking with Pete, Clark fell 100 feet into a series of caves beneath an area LuthorCorp had purchased and was building an office park. His arrival opened the cave, and he met Joseph Willowbrook's niece, Kyla, A Grandville High School student doing some research in the caves. (Skinwalkers)

  • Clark and Kyla dated briefly prior to her death. Clark felt that he could be himself with her. For the first time in his life, he felt like everything fits. Like they were destined to be together. (Skinwalkers)

  • Clark believes that the Naman legend may have something to do with his origins. (Skinwalkers)

  • Clark told Lex that he was fighting to save the caves because he thinks it's important for people to understand the past. (Skinwalkers)

  • Joseph Willowbrook gave Clark the silver and turquoise bracelet that had been handed down by the women in Kyla's family for generations, for Clark to give to the true one in his life. (Skinwalkers)

  • Has the second shortest career in the coffee business, compared to Lana's one-day employment at The Beanery (Prodigal)

  • Clark got up the nerve to ask Lana out on a date, following Travis' death and Lana's insistence that she's going to "seize the day."(Rush)

  • Clark told Lex his had been visiting the Kawatche caves every day because he is a term paper on the drawings. (Rush)

  • Unaware that she was under the influence of the alien parasite, Clark told Chloe that he was sorry "that you're angry with me about this date. I thought we knew where we stood with each other." (Rush)

  • Clark broke his first official date with Lana, so that he could try and get Pete to the hospital. (Rush)

  • Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark told Chloe his secret. (Rush)

  • Under the influence of red kryptonite, rather than go out with Lana, Clark made out with Chloe while she was under the influence of the alien parasite. (Rush)

  • Under the influence of the alien parasite, Chloe tells Clark "You don't have any real feelings for me, do you, Clark? Every time we hang out, it's just to get answers. 'Chloe, why don't you research this?' or 'Chloe, why don't you look up that?' I'm nothing more to you than your own personal search engine and I'm sick of it. I want you, Clark." (Rush)

  • Clark attempts to apologise to Lana for his behaviour under the influence of red kryptonite. However, Lana tells him "It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you and Chloe still have feelings for each other. Clark, you can't lie to me about something I saw with my own eyes. For once, just be honest with yourself. I know why Chloe was kissing you. But why were you kissing her back?" (Rush)

  • When Chloe asked Clark about his mom's condition, Clark snapped at her. (Fever)

  • When Dr. Moore from the CDC arrives in Smallville, investigating the toxin found in Martha's blood, Clark is exposed to the alien spoor when he runs home to remove the spacecraft from the stormcellar. (Fever)

  • Clark becomes ill from the spoor, which seems to sap all of his abilities. Jonathan keeps him at home because he can't risk Clark's alien physiology being discovered. (Fever)

  • While Clark is delirious with fever, Chloe confesses her true feelings in the form of a letter:
    I want to let you in on a secret. I'm not who you think I am. In fact, my disguise is so thin, I'm surprised you haven't seen right through me. I'm the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend. Sometimes I want to rip off this facade like I did at the Spring Formal, but I can't because you'll get scared and you'll run away again. So I decided that it's better to live with a lie than expose my true feelings. My dad told me there are two types of girls. The ones you grow out of and the ones you grow into. I really hope I'm the latter. I may not be the one you love today, but I'll let you go for now, hoping one day you'll fly back to me because I think you're worth the wait. (Fever)

  • While delirious, Clark calls out for Lana while Chloe is at his bedside, prompting Chloe to leave in tears. (Fever)

  • Pete has seen Clark bench press a tractor-trailer. (Fever)

  • When Clark was in second grade, he was afraid to go to school because he thought his mom would disappear while he was gone and never come back. He wouldn't even get on the bus in the morning until she promised she'd be there when he got home. (Fever)

  • Clark can "hear" the key calling him. (Rosetta)

  • After putting the key into the cave walls, Clark accidentally burns the Kryptonian symbol for "hope" into the barn wall with his heat vision. (Rosetta)

  • When Lana told Clark she and Chloe weren't speaking due to an invasion of privacy issue, Clark immediately assumed Chloe had been the one to invade Lana's privacy, rather than the other way around. However, he does not condemn Lana for the same crime he was willing to condemn Chloe. (Rosetta)

  • Clark tried to plead Lana's case with Chloe, who angrily told him "This is one time you don't need to come to Lana's rescue." (Rosetta)

  • Dr. Virgil Swann spams Chloe's e-mail account with mail for Clark trying to contact him, consisting only of the Kryptonian word for "Hope," and a note reading, "I have something for you." (Rosetta)

  • Dr. Swann translated a message which had been sent in 1989:
    This is Kal-El of Krypton. Our infant son, our last hope. Please protect him and deliver him from evil. We will be with you, Kal-El, for all the days of your life. (Rosetta)

  • After putting the spaceship key in the octagonal keyhole in the wall of the cave, Clark gained the ability to read the Kryptonian language, and translated from the inside of the ship, the message from Jor-el: "On this third planet from this star Sol, you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race. Rule them with strength, my son. That is where your greatness lies." (Rosetta)

  • Mrs. Fordman wanted to sell Tyson, after Whitney's death, because she couldn't afford to stable him anymore and Clark offers to board Tyson at the Kent's. (Visitor)

  • Chloe points out to Clark that, if Tyson is stabled at the Kent's, then Lana and Clark will have an excuse to see each other almost every day. (Visitor)

  • After meeting with Dr. Swann, Clark tells Pete to call the meteor rocks "kryptonite." (Visitor)

  • Clark was fined forty hours of community service by Sheriff Adams for misdemeanour battery when he attacked Andy Connors, a college frat boy who attempted to sexually assault Lana in the Talon, and flung him 20 feet into a police car. (Precipice)

  • Clark was sued for 1,000,000 dollars for beating up Andy Connors, who claimed false injuries. (Precipice)

  • Clark missed the deadline on an article about the debate team he was supposed to write for The Torch, which forced Chloe to fill the hole by blowing up the lunch menu to 60pt type. (Witness)

  • Chloe tells Clark that she's never a priority in his life; always just his back-up plan, and she is tired of it. (Witness)

  • After Clark misses the deadline, Chloe calls him on the carpet for his blowing off his responsibilities to The Torch and her for Lana. (Witness)

  • Clark officially quits The Torch staff--and unofficially his friendship with Chloe. (Witness)

  • Clark misses Chloe. (Witness)

  • Talks at the screen during movies. (Accelerate)

  • Rather than getting a head start on his European history term paper, Clark works on his toast at Lex's rehearsal dinner. (Calling)

  • Clark doesn't celebrate his birthday, as he considers it "not really my birthday. It's just some date that my parents picked off the calendar for the adoption papers." (Calling)

  • Clark and Lana's first kiss is seven minutes before his birthday. (Calling)

  • Martha regrets never having birthday parties for Clark when he was little, because they were always so nervous. (Calling)

  • Clark is convinced that he and Lana are "meant to be together. I've never been so sure about anything in my life." (Calling)

  • Lana puts a hold on her relationship with Clark because she's concerned that it will ruin three friendships--Clark and Chloe's, Chloe and Lana's, and Clark and Lana's. (Calling)

  • Beginning with Clark's "birthday," the ship begins broadcasting the message "The day is coming," which only Clark and Dr. Walden can hear. (Calling)

  • Chloe tells Clark she wishes things could be like they were. She just feels like there's this huge rift between them and no matter how hard she tries, she can't get back to him. She asks him that, whatever happens, they promise to be honest with each other. (Calling)

  • Clark's toast at the rehearsal dinner is "I've been looking through every book from Socrates to Shakespeare, trying to find someone who could put into words the way Lex and Helen feel about each other. But what I realised is, there are no words for it. And when you have it you trust it, and you believe in it. Take a chance on it. And you're willing to sacrifice anything to keep it no matter what the cost. To Helen and Lex."(Calling)

  • The ship broadcasts the message "Kal-El, it is time," the night of Lex's rehearsal dinner. (Calling)

  • Chloe goes to Clark's barn after refusing Lionel's offer, and witnesses Clark and Lana kissing. (Calling)

  • Lana tells Clark they are not officially dating until after they officially tell Chloe about our change in status. (Exodus)

  • Chloe asks Lana outright about her and Clark, and Lana lies to her, because Clark was supposed to tell Chloe. (Exodus)

  • When the ship seared the sign of the house of El on Clark's chest it hurt, but the pain faded. (Exodus)

  • Clark stole a red kryptonite class ring from Chloe's desk at the Torch. (Exodus)

  • Clark blames himself for his mother's miscarriage. (Exodus)

  • Clark stole his father's motorcycle, and ran away to Metropolis under the influence of red kryptonite. (Exodus)

unverified facts

  • Clark is a member of the Philosophy, Astronomy, computer and Key Clubs at school (The Smallville Torch.)

  • Clark recently rebuilt his father's 1952 classic Ford Tractor (most issues of that tractor were red and white) (The Smallville Torch.) (Web search on farm equipment for sale or rent)

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