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  • Lex offers Dr. Frederick Walden his weekly rate for a 10-minute consultation regarding the Kawatche caves, in the hopes Walden will take on the caves.(Rush)

  • Dr. Frederick Walden, the foremost authority in a field, wrote "Deciphering the Mysteries of Hieroglyphics." (Rush)

  • Walden told Lex he was leaving for Chile, and would not be available until the following year. However, once he saw photographs of the cave paintings, changed his mind. (Rush)

  • When Walden found a nest of the alien parasites in the walls of the Kawatche caves, Lex had one of the live specimens sent to Cadmus Labs in Metropolis to be analysed. (Rush)

  • Lex ordered Walden to give Clark unfettered access to the cave. (Rush)

  • Intended to take a section from the Kawatche Cave Walls without telling Lex (Rosetta)

  • When Lex found out Walden was trying remove parts of the cave when the State Preservation Society threatens to revoke LexCorp's custodial management of the site. (Rosetta)

  • Had a massive seizure that overloaded his cerebral cortex when he put the ship key in to the cave wall, and was rendered completely catatonic. (Rosetta)

  • Dr. Walden is being treated by Dr. Marcus in the Smallville Medical Centre. Marcus calls Lex in when Walden experiences a complete normalisation of his higher brain functions. (Calling)

  • After Dr. Walden tells Lionel and Lex that Clark is "the last son" Lionel quoted one of his favourite Elizabethan poets: "'Twixt truth and madness lies but a sliver of a stream." (Calling)

  • Walden attacked Clark, and accidently hit a propane tank with an energy beam and was burned to death in the explosion. (Calling)

  • Sheriff Adams deemed Walden was responsible for his own death. (Calling)

  • Lionel has Dr. Walden's hand removed and sent to him so that he can create a duplicate "key." (Calling)

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