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  • Tina was born with a soft bone disease, and no one believed she would live to see the first grade. (X-Ray)

  • At age three, when the meteor shower hit, Tina mysterious became well. (X-Ray)

  • Her mother ran the antique shop in town. (X-Ray)

  • Tina could control her skeleton and musculature to change her shape. (X-Ray)

  • Tina was obsessed with Lana Lang, and considered herself Lana's best friend. The rest of Lana's friends, however, saw Tina as a stalker. (X-Ray)

  • When it was discovered that Tina had robbed a bank disguised as Lex Luthor, and her mother's body was found in the antique shop, Tina tried to kill Lana and replace her. (X-Ray)

  • Tina was declared insane, and (Visage)

  • Tina faked her death, supposedly going into the art therapy room in her psychiatric hospital, doused herself in paint thinner, and lit a match, leaving a suicide note stating she just didn't know who she was anymore and she couldn't take it. (Visage)

  • Tina returned to Smallville disguised as an amnesiac Whitney Fordman, determined to be with Lana, whom she loved. (Visage)

  • To avoid being exposed, Tina attacked and killed a US Marine sent to the Fordman home to inform Mrs. Fordman her son's body had been recovered. (Visage)

  • When Clark realised "Whitney" was in fact Tina, Tina attacked Pete Ross (Visage)

  • Caught in Lana's room, Tina impersonated Chloe Sullivan and discovered that Lana had feelings for Clark. (Visage)

  • Using Lana's necklace to incapacitate Clark, Tina impersonated Clark and kissed Lana. (Visage)

  • Tina was killed after attacking Clark at the Talon. (Visage)

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