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  • Sold the Luthors a ton of land (Premiere)

  • Was watching her niece Lana when her sister Laura and brother-in-law Lewis Lang were killed (Premiere)

  • Owns and operates the flower shop in town (Premiere)

  • On the day she officially adopted Lana, she gave her a necklace made from a fragment of the meteorite which killed her parents (Premiere)

  • Plays bridge (Premiere)

  • Was in the garden club with Greg Arkin's mother (Metamorphosis)

  • It makes her happy to hang Lana's riding ribbons and trophies in a display case in the stable (Metamorphosis)

  • Was a cheerleader in high school (Hothead)

  • Took a limo to the ballet with Lana (Cool)

  • Convinced Lex Luthor to host her niece's birthday party at the Luthor estate (Craving)

  • Approximately five years ago, took Lana to Metropolis and spent the night at the Luthor's (Premiere)

  • Dated Jonathan Kent (Shimmer)

  • Sold the Talon theatre to Lex Luthor (Kinetic)

  • Is the manager of the rehabbed Talon (Zero)

  • Met and began dating an insurance adjuster named Dean after the tornado (Duplicity)

  • Nell has not spent much time with Lana since she began dating Dean (Duplicity)

  • She and Dean slow-danced in her living room (Duplicity)

  • Had a long talk with Dean, counselling him not to give Lana any more unsolicited advice regarding the Talon (Duplicity)

  • Told Dean that Lana was very independent (Duplicity)

  • Nell never could keep a secret (Duplicity)

  • Dean proposed and she accepted (Duplicity)

  • Nell's fiancé Dean accepted a job in Metropolis and he wanted Nell and Lana to move with him. (Ryan)

  • Nell and Lana argued about the move. Nell believed it would be a great opportunity for Lana. Lana however did not wish to leave Smallville and the Talon. (Ryan)

  • Nell told Lana that she had to move because Nell was her legal guardian and Lana was still a teenager. (Ryan)

  • Gabe Sullivan offered to let Lana live with him and Chloe for the remainder of high school, so that Lana would not have to move. Nell was not wild about the idea, but reluctantly agreed. (Ryan)

  • Even though she agreed to it, Nell was "kind of upset" that Lana decided to stay in Smallville. (Dichotic)

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