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  • Rachel Dunlevy and Lionel Luthor's illegitimate son. (Lineage)

  • Lionel told Lex that the boy died as an infant, however he keeps a lock of blond hair and a photo of himself and an approximately 10 year old boy in a pocketwatch. (Lineage)

  • Lived in Edge City prior to Lex locating him and brining him to Smallville (Prodigal)

  • Uses a pager and an accomplice named Dirk Lee to cheat at poker (Prodigal)

  • Expert in Asian weaponry (Prodigal)

  • Just turned 18 (Prodigal)

  • Grew up "all over," without parents and bounced from foster home to foster home (Prodigal)

  • Worth fifty million dollars as an heir to Lionel (Prodigal)

  • Discovered that Lionel was faking his blindness. (Prodigal)

  • Teamed up with Lex to dupe their father Lionel (Prodigal)

  • Lucas is now under Lex's protection somewhere "safe." (Prodigal)

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