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  • Confronted Coach Walt when eight of the football players were caught cheating on a maths test. (Hothead)

  • Informed by Trevor, one of the cheating students, that Coach Walt supplied the boys with the test, and threatened to expose Walt. (Hothead)

  • Was trapped in a burning car by Coach Walt, and rescued by Clark Kent. Suffered smoke inhalation and burns. (Hothead)

  • Removed Chloe Sullivan from her position as editor of the Smallville Torch after she printed an article about the meteorites being hazardous. (Rogue)

  • Awarded Lana Lang editorship of the paper. (Rogue)

  • Restored Chloe's editorship of the paper when Lana printed an article about censorship, and Chloe promised to keep the Torch focussed on school events and not use it as her "personal tabloid." (Rogue)

  • Caught Clark Kent cutting class and swimming in the off-limits school pool during the middle of the day, and assigned Kent Saturday detention. (Nicodemus)

  • Lived at 1635 West Street, Smallville, KS 66645 (Crush)

  • Had a son, Danny, who is in the U.S. Air Force (Crush)

  • Was killed by Justin Gaines, who believed that Kwan drove the car that hit him and left him for dead six months earlier (Crush)

  • Danny Kwan turned himself in as the hit-and-run driver, and will most likely go to jail (Crush)

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