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  • Ethan arrested Jonathan Kent when corrupt Metropolis PD detective Sam Phelan planted a body in the Kent barn and a gun in Jonathan's truck (Rogue)

  • Ethan investigated the severed hand left for Lex Luthor at the Talon (Zero)

  • Ethan investigated Chloe Sullivan's kidnapping (Obscura)

  • Ethan was called when Lex Luthor shot Inquisitor reporter Roger Nixon in 3rd party self-defence when Nixon attempted to murder Jonathan Kent (Vortex)

  • Ethan arrested Clark Kent when local high school biology teacher Desiree Atkins accused the boy of setting fire to her car (Heat)

  • Ethan arrested Joseph Willowbrook on suspicion of Dan Hammond's murder when a towel covered in Hammond's blood was found in Willowbrook's trash. (Skinwalkers)

  • Ethan, Jonathan, and Wild Coyote bartender Mike have all known each other since high school in 1976. (Suspect)

  • Signed Jonathan's yearbook "To Jonathan, a great quarterback, a better friend. Ethan." (Suspect)

  • Insisted on a cash advance from Lionel. (Suspect)

  • Murdered Mike the Bartender, put him in the freezer in the Wild Coyote. (Suspect)

  • Helped Mike the Bartender stay in business, despite repeated violations. (Suspect)

  • Ethan attempted to kill Lionel Luthor and frame Jonathan Kent for attempted murder, after Lionel attempted to blackmail Ethan over corrupt police procedure regarding the Wild Coyote bar outside town. (Suspect)

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