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Annie M.
Take A Number
Priscila M.
True Love
The Illusion Called Reality
And Then There Were Two
Blown Away
Chance Meeting
Faith Renewed
Recovery Denied
Sand and Water
Snow Angels
Through the Smoke

Gary and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day
Ally McKnight
Angel In Disguise
Back to Before
Be Like That
The Cat's Meow
Coffee + Stockbroker = Insanity
The Death
Everything's Different Now
Forget About Her
If This Is Love
If You Had the Choice
In My Room Alone
In Too Deep
Keep Going
Leave It All Behind
Life Is Good
Living La Vida Gary
Magic In the Sky
My Name Is
Now or Never
One Day I Stopped
One More Night
One Pointless Fic... To Go...
Other Side
Outside the Window
Shattered Memories
Superman's Cape
That's Why It's Right
Things Forgotten
Uncovering the Past
Worth It
Behind Mud Puddle Eyes
Being Gary Hobson
A Call from Sam
A Call from Sam 2:  A Day at the Ballgame
Chuck's View:  A Haiku
An EE Rhyme
The End
Gary's Day:  A Haiku
Mr. Gets Tomorrow's Paper Man
Mystic Tingle
Ode to Sparky
Photo Journalist
The Rescue:  A Haiku
The Rush
Who Was That Guy?
Chaos Theory
The Ride
Ms. Marylou
Dealing with Paul
One Warm October
Ms. Panther
Deck the Claus!
Face Value
Full Circle
The Train, the Dark, and Other Things

Brown Penny
Nubian Geek
Season for Romance

Lisa O'Brien
Doing the Right Thing

Paper Caper
Alley Cats
The Observer
Return of the Evil Erica
Uncovering Armstrong
Who I Say I Am
Mike Paterno
Get Me to the Church On Time
Getting to the Heart of It All
The Hunchback of Purdue

Hear No Evil, See No Evil
Just Horsin' Around
The Main Event
No Man Is an Island
The Paper Didn't Come
Roses and Remorse

peregrin anna
Bless the Beasties
Call and Answer  (see the GTA website )
Christmas Carol Redux
(see the GTA website )
Dragon's Met (see the GTA website )
Keeping Secrets
Listening for Stories
Make Way for Ducklings
The Providence of Sparrows

Racing the Sky

Scrambled Eggs and Burnt Potatoes
Worry Night
The Polgana Chronicles:
NOTE:  Please read the following stories in the order that they are listed.  In this manner, the timeline makes a little more sense.
Vacation, Chicago Style
Timed Out
A Timely Intervention
Kindred Spirits
Triple Play
Westward, Ho-Boy
Four and a Half Days

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