An EE Rhyme
by Measer

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An EE Rhyme
by Measer

This is about a guy... last name Hobson, first named Gary,
His life is sometimes strange, complicated and scary,
His wife threw him out on their anniversary,
She dumped him for a guy name Phil... Or was it Harry?

Anyway, living in a hotel room, one day came a cat,
With a meow and a thump; not a roar and a splat,
No warnings or instructions or a guy in a bowler hat,
Came tomorrow's paper to a ex-stockbroker, just like that!

His best friend couldn't believe Gary's remarkable luck,
He instantly schemed a million of ways to make a buck,
The money they could make, could be carried in a truck,
"Were going to be millionaires," exclaimed an ecstatic Chuck.

"How can this be?" Gary asked the two,
Marissa and Chuck shrugged with absolutely no clue,
"It doesn't matter though. You know what to do."
"Yes," he said to Marissa, causing adventures to ensue.

Very much to Chuck's dismay,
Gary wouldn't let Chuck have his say,
Gary decided to use this information in a different way,
To help and save people, each and every day.

Gary prevents things from going wrong beforehand.
Using the knowledge that is in his command,
Running through the streets with newspaper in hand,
Disasters and accidents diminish all across the land,

Gary hastily sprints and runs to the scene,
When a kid tries douse a fire with kerosene,
Preventing certain death, he quickly intervenes,
Like a super hero full of vitamins and beta-carotine!

Without hesitation Gary jumps into the fray,
Gary selflessly sacrificing himself away,
Marissa and Chuck sometimes hope and pray,
That Gary won't come back to them dead one day.

Thank yous or your welcomes are mostly exchanged,
Interrupting the things that they were recklessly engaged,
Screaming and hollering, sometimes people become enraged,
Not knowing the fate that befell them, cause it changed.

Not money, cash, cars or an award,
Doing right is Gary's only reward,
This is his only satisfaction as he goes homeward,
Back to the Blackstone or McGinty's afterward.

After a long day of "errands", Gary retires to bed,
Not really concerned with what lies ahead,
If he really thought about it, he'd go crazy instead,
With many sleepless nights, eventually wishing he were dead.

It's been a long while from the first time the cat came,
With a Meow and a thump, things were never the same,
No answers or explanations on how they became,
Or even anyone or anything to blame.

Because the newspaper comes when it's early and light.
It is almost time to bid Gary a goodnight,
Gary does these things to make the future bright,
Him and his one man mission to do what's right!
The End

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