The End
by Measer

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The End
by Measer

Another day has come forth.
As the sun rises in a city to the North.

Lying in bed after shutting the alarm clock off,
Gary stifled a yawn and let off a slight cough.

He glanced at the clock, it was only twenty-nine past six.
He laid there contemplating what breakfast he should fix.

It was inevitable, he had to get out of bed,
knowing that the paper and cat's arrival were ahead.

But sometimes Gary couldn't quite see,
that getting the paper was his preordained destiny.

But he does hold the paper's power in high respect.
The future -- it's powers to change and detect.

Glancing over, it was a quarter to seven, and still no cat.
Curiosity and worry crept up on him just like that.

Out of bed he quickly climb.
He'd been listening for the paper the whole entire time.

He walked to the loft door and flung it open.
The cat and paper would be there, he was hopin'.

To his surprise the cat was there, but it looked ill.
It mewed very softly as it lay very still.

He picked it up gently and cradled it in one arm.
Gary began to wonder who would do the cat harm.

On the carpet instead of the paper, laid a note.
It looked like an official letter; Gary wondered what it denote.

It stated that the show "Early Edition" was going off the air.
CBS said ratings weren't well; fan wishes, they didn't care...

"What are they talking about, this is my life not a show..."
Still cradling the cat, downstairs to the bar he did go...

He realized everyone sitting there sullen and sad,
From Chuck to Patrick to Crumb to Bernie, his dad.

Gary stopped, in shock as the cat faded out of existence.
It meowed insistently in an attempt at resistance.

"What's going on," Gary said, but the cat had already fade.
Patrick disappeared when he walked over to aid.

"No!" Chuck yelled as he and Jade fade from view as well.
Miguel disappeared without any last words for a farewell.

Marissa cried as she and Emmett disappeared.
"We love you son," his parents said as their end neared.

One by one everybody vanished without a trace.
Gary felt it too, like he was being displace...

He looked at his hands, as they became transparent.
His fate like the others was becoming apparent.

Gary Hobson and all the others characters of EE,
faded out of existence for no one to see...

Sure there's syndication, but that's just not the same.
Especially if the channel switches times slots like it's a game.

There are many ways to support this wonderful show.
Type Early Edition in your web browser off you go...

Here's to hoping that there will be a TV movie or season five.
This "EEL", through fan fics trying to keep hope alive...
The End

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