Forget About Her
by Ally McKnight
For Erica haters. A little tweaked up version of the fire scene in "St. Nick." Not for anybody who can even remotely stand Erica. Set up in a script form. [ means that characters thoughts. Enjoy.

This one is made especially for Shana and Dollene, both hard core Erica haters.

I don't own the characters or situations. They belong to CBS and Sony TriStar. Mainly because the suits have a lot more money than I do.
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Forget About Her
by Ally McKnight

(Gary's at the fire alarm, thinking about what Erica just said.)

Gary: Oh, well. It's not like she's a REAL blonde. Why not? [After all, she's the loser who wouldn't listen to me, and doesn't care if her son runs around Chicago freely.]

(Pulls down. No sound.)

Gary: Perfect. Looks like I might have to actually date her now.

(Fire raging. Boards collapse on Erica. Shana, Dollene, and Mary cheer happily. Gary and Nick muse saving Erica.)

Nick: I'm not sure Gary. You should just forget about her. Look at that tux you're wearing. Big bucks for sure. You wanna lose all that money? Do you really need an arrogant woman in your life? [This could be a good excuse to be able to get rid of Erica!]

Gary: I think you're on to something there. It's not like Erica was ever even nice to anyone. I only thought I liked her because Marissa wants me to have a life, and said I did. That noise I made WAS me digesting huh?

Nick: Oh, yeah. I'm a doctor I know. Make that noise again.

(Gary makes it perfectly. Nick nods.)

Nick: Yep, digestion. When you like a woman, you tend to sound like a sputtering motorboat.

Gary: Okay then. Let's get out of here.

Nick: How about we have a game of one on one. Loser buys winner a beer.

Gary: Buy?! I own a bar remember?

Nick: Okay then. I got it! The one that will beat all.

(They walk out.)

Nick: The loser has to cry at Erica's funeral, and actually right a touching speech.

Gary: That's cold man. Get writing. I'll beat you so fast!

(Start walking to the court.)

Nick: Oh, I saw a blonde nurse checking you out today, Gar. Mind if I call you 'Gar,' now that we are good friends and all.

Gary: Sure, call me Gar. Now this nurse. Real blonde? Or Erica 'fake, look at my roots blonde?'

Nick: Real blonde. With a real personality too.

Gary: Awesome.

Nick: Here's her number. Have fun. [What a great new friend I've made.]

Gary: Thanks man. [What a cool friend I made. So glad Erica's out of the picture. She would have prevented me from being friends with him. That stupid Erica. Yeah, following her. I could follow her stench from a mile away.]

(They go play basketball. Gary wins by a landslide. Nick crys when he realizes he'll have to be sincere. But they become the best of friends, and they forget all about Erica Paget.)


sniff..... sniff..... i love happy endings!

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