by Maygra

These are transcribed scenes from the rebroadcast of the pilot episode, which was edited to fit a two hour format where the original broadcast of the pilot ran 68 minutes. I'm trying to get all of it, and hope to, eventually have the entire premiere transcribed here (Since there's a lot of background info in that ep.) Anyway, hope these are helpful. Comments are the opinions/observations of the people doing the transcriptions and give some indication of why we/they/I think it important they not be ignored or lost.

There were some four or five small scenes, bits of dialogue/action cut (may be out of order)

1. Clark outracing the schoolbus, which we see in the rebroadcast, but there's a scene moment where he jumps on top of the bus to hitch a ride. [Actually, Clark lands on the bus as he jumps over it to get across the road. --Ed.]

2. Clark has a little daydream about scoring the winning touchdown for a game while watching Lana practice cheerleading.

3. A conversation between Chloe and Pete, where Chloe denies pining/having a crush on Clark.

4. A scene between Clark and his father over why Clark can't keep the truck Lex sends him as a gift.

5. Truck stacking (not to be confused with cow-tipping) where Clark, after saving the next generation of Smallville, returns to the dance -- wet and not dressed for the dance -- and then leaves...only before he does, he gets a little revenge on the football players who tied him up in that cornfield by stacking all their pretty pick up trucks on top of each other. (I thought it was funny.)

The Scene: This takes place when Clark goes looking for his father, who has the keys to the new truck Lex gave him. Thanks to Livia for the transcription.

Note: Actual actions are in bold and italics. Subjective ovbservations are in just italics.

Clark says Jonathan can keep the new truck, he'll drive the old truck, everybody wins.

"This is not about winning, Clark!"

"It's not like the Luthors can't afford it."

(begin cut lines)

*sighs sharply*
(Throughout this monologue his tone is angry but controlled, as if just *thinking* about these events pisses him off, but he doesn't want to take it out on Clark.) "Do you want to know why that is? Do you remember Mr. Bell? We used to go fishing on his property? How about Mr. Guy? He used to send us pumpkins every Halloween."

(Cut to Clark listening stoically. He knew he wasn't gonna win this the minute Mom said "Dad's got the keys...")

"Well, Lionel Luthor promised to cut them in on a deal. He sent them flashy gifts."(Twirls the truck keys around his finger) "Only once they sold him their property, he went back on his word."
(angry and disgusted) "He had them evicted, son."

(a last, desperate objection)
"So you're judging Lex by what his father did?"

(stern) "No, Clark, I'm not. I just want to make sure that you know where the money came from that bought that truck."

(end cut lines.)

(Clark stomps up the stairs to his loft. Jonathan sighs.)

"Clark, I know you're upset, son, but it's normal..."


One of the problems with cutting this scene is that it makes Jonathan appear to dislike the Luthors for no real reason save they are rich industrialists. In my opinion, Jonathan isn't quite this shallow. Without this scene, not until Metamorphosis do we see that Jonathan might have other reasons for disliking the Luthors -- such as he is an Organic Farmer and the Luthors produce chemical fertilizers, which Jonathan fears might be polluting the environment around Smallvile. With this scene we get that there's more to it than that, and more to it than him not just wanting Clark not to accept a gift for saving Lex's life.

The farmers mentioned were probably both neighbors and friends (farming communities tend to be that way -- even out of stereotypes) and Jonathan has a couple of ideological and ethical bones to pick with Luthor Corp and Lionel Luthor in particular. Evicting someone from their farm kind of evokes a deep-seated resentment into most farmers, who are often hanging on by their fingernails to land their families have worked for generations.

I like Jonathan. He seems to be a pretty fair minded man, but stubborn and likely to stick to his ideals and his gut instincts. By Metamorphosis, Clark's jibe about treating Lex badly because of his father's actions seems to have sunk in a little, as Jonathan's attitude toward Lex seems to have thawed a little bit -- at least to the point of civility, if nothing else. (Of course, it could also be true that Clark's words had nothing to do with it -- Jonathan was upset when he first encountered Lex, afraid Clark had been hurt and sure Lex had been a "maniac driving that Porsche".) Still, it's nice to know or think that Jonathan hears his son as well as listens to him. And to the not so subtle silent encouragements/opinions Martha givess.

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