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Note: Just as a historical reference from a one-time comic book geek and a couple of opinions <G>; "Superman" as an entity was first released in serialized form as a newspaper comic strip during World War II and became wildly popular. "Superboy" followed a year or two later. Comics, on the whole, are maybe most noted for their inconsistency within their own canon, which gave rise to the ever popular and still frequently used "Alternative Universe" theory of events. the Comic industry has also shown itself to be fairly adept at changing with the times, so the morals/ethics of Superman/Superboy in 1941 aren't going to be the same as they are in current releases of the their characters. However, for all the mayhem, violence and yes, sex, that is implied/exploited in the comics, it is rare for a super hero to ever actually kill anyone, and Superman/Superboy probably adheres to that tenet more than most. Which doesn't mean they don't have character flaws or bad tempers or even overactive libidos, just that they were/are, by and large, good people with extraordinary skills/powers/gifts who tended to those "gifts" as a responsibility to do good, because they could. At any rate, I only note this because trying to line up the events/canon in Smallville to what we know about "Superboy" as a comic book character, may prove a bit problematic, since the TV series seems to have, at least as of the 2nd episode, gone to great lengths to update/modernize Clark Kent's character. As far as reconciling the current series to other series or to any can try, but my advice would be...don't, or pick and choose carefully. The discrepancy gap gets wider as you go.

Series and Official Links:

The WB website - provides a drop down menu for all WB series, plus articles and reviews and, at the time of this posting, clips from the premiere as well as photo galleries linked to the episodes and episode trailers. You can also reach links the Smallville Ledger and the Smallville Torch (the high school newspaper) which have some fun facts and commentaries. Not a bad set of links to have.

Series based sites (you know, like this one):

( News and information, a fansite. beware of spoilers. They have links for more serious spoilers but even the main page had some, but if you are okay with those, you should be good to go. Also has a list of music from the series, but the links take you to amazon to buy the CD -- not to lyric links (Hey, they can support themselves any way they want, I do the same thing -- but if you are looking for lyrics, these links won't do it<G>.) Looks to be pretty inclusive. Warning: use Explorer as your browser. The links show up okay in Netscape (my preferred browser) but the rest of the site looks pretty squirrelly.

Time Lines:

Alterna time is a good multi interest link for all kinds of timelines (not just Smallville, Superboy or DC comics)

The Legion of Super-Heroes Timeline - The Legion of superheroes was a group Superboy belonged to on and off, once he mastered time travel by breaking the time barrier. He was originally recruited to the group from a group of Teens form the future. When the comics were first released, they were like Special editions of the "Superboy" comic. Later they got their own imprint and it went form "Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes" to "The Legion of Superheroes" and then to just "Legionnaires". I believe the title is still in print in some incarnation or another. (note: according to the website, this site hasn't been updated since 1997 -- the information is probably good through that year.)

Metropolis Site - mostly a time line with comic premiere's and notable facts (like Kryptonite didn't appear in the original comics until issue #61 of Superman -- guess being totally invulnerable was a plot problem.) however, there are character links and other stuff I haven't really checked out yet. the character set makes a delineation between Superman and Clark Kent -- just be are that this is more about the history of the comic universe than the character. (Note: Site has an annoying pop-up advertising window. )

Superman Web Central Beyond (Pre 1978) - This is a summary of Superman's history as seen in the comics -- obviously, for Smallville, the timeline itself isn't going to do you much good, but the back story and history do give a pretty good overview of the original canon and some fun, possibly usable factlets... (but remember all those AU's.) such as the middle names of Jonathan and Martha. (Eben? Jonathan Eben Kent? and I thought my father had an odd middle name.)

Of Comic Interest:

Superman Comics Index - does a quick and interesting comparison between superman and the media, overview of the progress of the comic itself.

Comics (Superman Homepage) - another history of the character/series page, however, it does give a great overview of how the character/Series was totally revamped and re-explained in 1986, giving us the beginning of the more "modern" view of the man of steel.

The Encyclopedia of Superman - terms and references and references taken from The Great Superman Book © 1978 by Michael L. Fleisher. There's a lot of other links which I haven't explored but it's good for quick reference.

About Kansas:

Kansas: Heart of America's West - Fact sheet, history and trivia.

Kansas Quick Facts from the Census Bureau - Just what it says.

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