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Smallville, Kansas
Located 425 from Hub City (Ryan)

In 1871, there was an epidemic in the Morelley settlement that would eventually become Smallville, caused by the pollen of a flower dubbed "Nicodemus" by the local populace. Two hundred settllers died almost overnight. The cavalry torched the settlement, to keep the contageon from spreading. The only account was written by a Priest, and published in The Nicodemus Diary by K. Davies. (Nicodemus)

Wolves have been extinct in Smallville for 90 years. (Skinwalkers)

Is located within driving distance of Metropolis (Premiere)

Is near a town called Grandville. (Skinwalkers)

Population 1989 25,001 (Premiere)

In 1989, was the "Creamed Corn Capital of the World" (Premiere)

In 2001, is the "Meteor Capital of the World" (Premiere)

Population 2001 45,001 (Premiere)

Was devastated by a meteor shower after the Homecoming game in October, 1989 (Premiere)

The news broadcast Clark and Lana viewed in the limo on their way to the Radiohead concert in Metropolis was KRAC (Cool)

Smallville used to produce 20% of the corn in the state of Kansas (Cool)

The two officers from the Sheriff's Department who arrested Jonathan Kent were named Ethan and Bob (Rogue)

The current mayor is named Tate (Ryan)*

The Smallville Ledger rushed a special issue in 1989 after the meteor shower, and hadn't published another special edition until Lionel Luthor shut down the LuthorCorp plant in the spring of 2002 (Tempest)

It is common knowledge among the SVH students that across the county line there is a bar called The Wild Coyote that does not check IDs (Red)

A local hardware store is run by Hank, who is a friend of the Kents (Prodigal)

There was an explosion at the chemistry lab explosion at Kansas State University during chemistry camp attended by Smallville High School student Eric Marsh. (Witness)

Miller's Bend
A Native American tribe called the Kawatche (whose name translates into "Skinwalkers") owned the land near Miller's Bend that Lionel Luthor purchased, on which he planned to build an office park, for thousands of years. (Skinwalkers)

In the caves below the construction site were 500-year old paintings, depicting the stories of a strange visitor from another planet, as well as the prophesies of another visitor called "Naman" and his sworn enemy "Ziget" who was once like a brother to Naman (Skinwalkers)

In light of the petition drive to "Save The Cave" lead by Lana Lang and Henry Small, the state has decided to exercise the Historic Artifacts Amendment, and buy LuthorCorp out at 30 cents on the dollar. (Skinwalkers)

LexCorp has secured the contract for the preservation for the entire area surrounding the caves. (Skinwalkers)

The Kryptonian on the wall of the Kawatche cave changes to read "The day is coming when the last son will begin his quest to rule the third planet." (Calling)

Loeb Bridge
lex Luthor drove his Porche off Loeb Bridge, and was rescued by Clark Kent (Premiere)

Crater Lake
Created by one of the meteor strikes in 1989 (Cool)

Shuster's Gorge
The deepest meteor strike in town. Sasha Woodman was stung by over 1000 bees in Shuster's Gorge in 2001. (Drone)

Clairmont Military Academy
A local all boys military academy. Greg Arkin's mother threatened to send Greg there when she discovered his stash of Lana videos. (Metamorphosis)

Smallville Medical Center
Local hospital, where Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan were treated following Lana's incident when a gas main blew, and Chloe's abduction. (Obscura)

Lionel Luthor and Lana Lang were treated at the hospital following being injured when three funnel clouds touched down outside the town. (Vortex)

Hobson's Pond
An old church with a subterranian crypt was located at Hobson's Pond, but was destroyed in 1989 by the meteor shower. Jonathan Kent and Roger Nixon found shelter from the tornado in the crypt. (Vortex)

Hob's Pond
Meteors with a red vein were found there and stones from that vein were substituted for rubies by the manufacturers of the Smallville High School class rings in 2002 (Red)

Kansas University (KU)
Has a campus near by, and has frats known for their pranks (Rosetta)

Chandler's Field
From the windmill in Chandler's Field outside of town, you can see the Metropolis skyline (Nicodemus)

Reilly Field
Cornfield opposite the LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant #3 (Premiere)

Jeremy Creek was strung up in the field as the "Scarecrow" in a Smallville High hazing ritual in October 1989 when the meteor shower hit. (Premiere)

Lex Luthor was in Reilly Field in October 1989 because his father was there to purchase the land opposite the field , in order to build LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant #3.(Premiere)

Clark Kent was strung up in the field as the "Scarecrow" in a Smallville High hazing ritual in October 2001, and was found there by Lex Luthor.(Premiere)
Smallville High
The sports teams are called "The Crows" (Premiere)

The school paper is called the Smallville Torch (Premiere)

All students are required to complete 30 hours of community service (Hourglass)

The Science teacher is Mr. Summers (Leech)

The English teacher is Mr. Austin (Zero)

Paul Chan was elected Class President for the 2002/2003 school year (Drone)

The Biology teacher was an "ancient" woman named Mrs. Kowalski, who taught Pete's father Mr. Ross. However, she was briefly replaced by Desiree Atkins until Ms. Atkins was arrested for attempted murder. (Heat)

The Metal Shop teacher was Mr. Frankel. Frankel never missed a day of class, and was murdered by honours student Ian Randall. (Dichotic)

Smallville High School has a female counsellor who spoke to the students after Travis died in the rave held in the Kawatche caves (Rush)

Nell's Bouquet
Owned and operated by Nell Potter (Premiere)

Currently closed (Zero)

Local department store owned and operated by Whitney's parents. Whitney works there. (Kinetic)

Mellville's Nursery
Located next to one of the big meteor hits. (Craving)

Antique Shop
Run by Rose Greer, Tina Greer's mother. (Craving)

Smallville Retirement Center
Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Clark Kent volunteered to do community service there (Hourglass)

Frank's Auto Repair
Run by a former classmate of Jeremy Creek's (Premiere)

Smallville Savings & Loan
Recently robbed (Kinetic)

Jim Alexander turned down Jonathan Kent's loan application (Nicodemus)

Bought by Lionel Luthor (Tempest)

The Talon
Theatre which has been open since Hiram Kent's lifetime. (Zero)

Lewis Lang worked the concession counter in college (Leech)

Laura Potter met her future husband there when she got bored during Close Encounters of the Third Kind and wandered out to talk to Lewis Lang, who was working the concession stand (Leech)

Has been closed for several months when Lex Luthor purchased the building from Nell Potter. Originally intending to turn it into a parking lot, Lex has rehabbed it and turned it into a coffee shop/bookstore/venue for local bands. (Kinetic)

Managed by Nell Potter. (Zero)

Has poetry readings Thursdays. (Nicodemus)

Lana Lang works there part-time as the Assistant Manager. (Nicodemus)

Is open until 9:00pm. (Nicodemus)

One of the waitresses is named Monique. (Nicodemus)

A waitress named Skye was fired because she was stealing money from the till. (Stray)

The screen and projector still need to be restored (Drone)

Martha Kent's organic apple pies are one of the best selling items on the Talon menu (Crush)

The Talon's movie theatre is now officially open. (Accelerate)

The Beanery
Coffee shop where Lana briefly had a part-time job. Local high school hang-out

One of the waitresses is named Zoe Garfield (Hourglass)

Has an upright piano and closes at 9:00pm (Hourglass)

The owner made it his personal mission to drive the Talon out of business (Drone)

Had several health code violations they attempted to cover up (Drone)

If you park in front on an expired meter in front of the Talon, you will receive a $25 parking ticket (Dichotic)

Kent Farm
The Kent's home phone number is 555-0145 they Live on Hickory Lane, Smallville, Kansas. No house number. (Premiere)

Located one mile from Nell Potter's house (Premiere)

Jonathan Kent built his son's loft in the barn, which is referred to by his family as Clark's "Fortress of Solitude" (Premiere)

Has an attic and a storm cellar (Premiere)

Home of Kent's Organic Produce (Metamorphosis)

Sells artichokes (Cool)

Sells tulips (Shimmer)

The Kent's entire herd of cattle was poisoned with chemicals seemingly from LuthorCorp's fertilizer plant (Zero)

The Kent Farm is officially out of debt. (Exodus)

LexCorp Fertilizer Plant
Located across from Reilly Field (Premiere)

Lex Luthor was sent there to "turn the plant around" (Hothead)

According to the quarterly numbers, production was down 20% (Hothead)

The budget was cut by 20% and the workforce was increased by Lex Luthor (Hothead)

Gabe Sullivan is the Plant Manager (Craving)

100,000 tons of animal waste is processed there every year (Jitters)

The plant turned a profit in the first quarter of 2002 for the first time in 2 years (Tempest)

The plant employees 2500 people (Tempest)

LexCorp owns the former Smallville LuthorCorp Plant #3. LexCorp is in the midst of a major plant expansion. But Lex is still awaiting final approval from the zoning commission. (Ryan)

Stately Luthor Manor
Built on the site of the original settlement (Nicodemus)

Address is 2116 Beresford Lane (Kinetic)

Ancestral home of the Luthors. Moved over from Scotland stone by stone by Lionel Luthor. Trucks rolled through town for weeks, but no one moved in. Lionel had never set foot through the door prior to Lex moving in. (Premiere)

The Palmer family were a head of the household staff, and were a fixture until their son Jeff attacked Victoria Hardwick and Lex. Lex brought the Palmers to Smallville from Metropolis (Shimmer)

Lex's mother hated Lionel's antique room (Shimmer)

Has a conservatory (Kinetic)

Has a vault hidden behind the wall of the library (Kinetic)

The solarium is located in the south wing of the Luthor mansion. (Visitor)

Lex has a walk-in closet across the hall from the master bedroom. (Visitor)

The locked room in the mansion houses Lex's "obsession": computer screens with a rotating CGI image of Clark's octagonal disk, the wall paintings from the underground cave, Nixon's computer simulation of Lex's car hitting Clark on the bridge, a large picture of Clark's face, an enlarged copy of Clark's family tree that he filled in with Kryptonian symbols. (Visitor)

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* Prior to Ryan, the current mayor was named Siegel (Crush).
This is a continuity error on the part of the writers.