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Metropolis, KA.
Is located within driving distance of Smallville, Kansas (Premiere)

The Metropolis Conservatory closed its doors in the 1970s (Hourglass)

The Daily Planet, the Metropolis Inquisitor, and the Metropolis Journal are three of the city's newspapers

The Daily Planet slogan painted on its trucks is "Straight from the source." (Nicodemus)

The Planet only accepts 4 high school students as summer interns from the state. In 2001, they received 500 applications (Crush)

Lex's doctor, Dr. Vargas, has a mailing address at 1401 Alma Street, Metropolis, KA 66632-2423 (Craving)

The Metropolis Museum has a Luthor Hall which houses the breastplate of Alexander the Great and a jewellery exhibit (Rogue)

Metropolis United Charities only ever handled one adoption case—Clark Kent's (Zero)

From the windmill in Chandler's Field outside of Smallville, you can see the Metropolis skyline (Nicodemus)

Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent met in a Finance Class at Metropolis University (Nicodemus)

When Lana was ten, she tried to run away to Metropolis. Nell Potter found her at the bus station. (Rogue)

Jonathan Kent ran away to Metropolis once to try out for the Metropolis Sharks football team (Hothead)

The Metropolis Police Department keeps blueprints on all high security buildings in the city. (Rogue)

Lex keeps an apartment in Metropolis. (Zero)

Club Zero was bought and is currently closed. (Zero)

Our Town was being staged at the Metropolis Playhouse (Crush)

A student Journalism Conference is held in Metropolis every Spring (Crush)

Summerholt Neurological Institute is a research facility located in Metropoilis that specializes in super-esoteric brain research, and does not take patients. One of their employees is a doctor named Garner, who was conducting research into the paranormal, using Ryan James as his test subject. (Ryan)

Dr. Stanley Bryce is a famous Metropolis plastic surgeon. (Dichotic)

Le Petite Fleur is the most romantic restaurant in Metropolis, according to Lex. (Insurgence)

LuthorCorp headquarters is next door to the Daily Planet building. The roof of the Planet comes roughly to the 30th floor of LuthorCorp, and the buildings are approximately 200 feet apart. (Insurgence)

In Lionel's office is a private elevator which goes down to a tunnel that leads to a garage three blocks away. (Insurgence)

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