production information
Includes the character bios from the season one press kit.

facts sorted by character
Includes regular cast, recurring, and guest stars.

smallville and metropolis
Any and all facts regarding the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas and the city of Metropolis, USA.

episode guide
Brief synopsis of each episode, including credits.

writers guide
Got kudos? Got gripes? Here's the list of who did what, scribe-wise.

episode transcripts
Transcritps of the episodes.

visual reference guide
Images of specific objects and locations.

snippy bits
Catalogue of footage cut from the recast of the pilot.

lex's cars
Information on Lex's fleet of vehicles.

clark and the superfriends cars
Information on the Kents', Chloe's, and Pete's vehicles.

kent farm
Images of the Kent Farm interiors and exteriors

luthor manor
Images of Luthor Manor interiors and exteriors

smallville high
Images of Smallville High interiors and exteriors

legal eagle
Answers to frequently asked legal questions, such as "How Clark is able to drive at the supposed age of 15?"

music guide
Songs have been used on the series, and in promos for the series, thus far.

reference links
References and timelines, and informational links.