Amy Bower

The Getaway Amy Bower Sequel to "Dear Starfleet." The crew is back on Voyager, but will they make it to the Delta Quadrant? Rated PG
Vigil Amy Bower Set during what would be the end of the 5th season. Tom lies in Sickbay and B'Elanna waits by his side waiting to see if he will live or die. Rated PG.
Mind Games Amy Bower Set towards the middle of season 4. The Voyager crew is acting strange and Janeway thinks Q could be involved. Rated G
History Lessons Amy Bower Voyager, a nebula, the holodeck and the Cubs... Rated PG
The CowAmy BowerSet at the end of season 5. Q decides to have a little fun with Janeway and the Voyager crew. Rated G
Dream Within a DreamAmy BowerSet in what could be the 7th season. A shuttle crash has tragic results for Tom and B'Elanna. Rated PG
Dear StarfleetAmy BowerSet roughly nine years after "Caretaker." Voyager finds itself back in the Alpha Quadrant, but the reception they get isn't quite what they were expecting. Rated PG
Team Work Amy Bower Sequel to "History Lessons" set some time in the 5th season. Q brings q jr. to Voyager to teach him about team work. Rated G

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