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The Restorative Properties of Viscum Album by Hope
Chloe's very scientific survey of the citizens of Smallville yields an unquantifiable result from Clark.
Snowflakes by Deb C.
Clark picks Chloe's name in a gift exchange.
It's A Wonderful Chloe by Chiri
When Chloe Sullivan starts contemplating her life without Smallville, a friend from both the past and future shows her a Smallville without her life.
Snowfall by Gemma
A snowball fight between Chloe and Clark results in bigger consequences than anticipated.
Match Girl by Tara O'Shea
Chloe could really learn to hate Mother Nature.
Resolution by Molly
Clark Kent is not too happy with one of Chloe Sullivan's New Year's Resolutions...
Much Ado About Nothing by Misty Flores
Evidence can be a little harder to deny when it comes directly from the horse's mouth.
Visions of Sugarplums by Wiccid Sister
Adult. Clark and Chloe are having visions.
Reunion by Edie
A decade later, Chloe and Clark find one another again.
Something I Don't Already Know by Livia
"You remember that I'm Lois Lane, right? Danger is my middle name."