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Letter From The Editor

After Summer Lovin' came out in September, everyone wanted to know if the 'zine would become a regular thing. Teri and I had talked about doing it seasonally, and I admit, I've always found winter to be more romantic than summer personally. Something about snow, and mistletoe, and huddling together for warmth just gets me. I stepped up, and this issue was a solo outing, and my first go at an electronic fanzine (having come up through the trenches of print fanzines). However, since the format of the first volume seemed to work so well, I figured why mess with it? So you'll find the layout and organisation of Winter Wonderland familiar in a comforting way, I hope!

The winter edition of the 'zine is a bit trimmer than the summer, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the show still airing means that folks were trying to squeeze in fiction between episodes. For another, well—let's just say that the first half of the second season of Smallville has been a lot lighter on both Chloe and Clark as friends, and Chloe and Clark as possibly something more, than the latter half of first season. However, this also means that I've got a lot of Chloe/Clark fans who have been patiently waiting all fall and most of the winter thus far for these stories and the accompanying artwork, and I hope that this second volume lives up to their expectations!

It was a bit of a rocky road to publication (let's just say that there was an unexpected bout of Celebrity Deathmatch between Clark and Chloe and Simon and Kaylee going on in your editor's head in December and January. Gorram space pirates!), complete with editing snafus, deadline extensions, and your loony editior realising she'd need 30 hour days to get all the stuff she meant to get done done in time—and then still missing our planned St. Valentine's publication date by two weeks or so.

However, this volume of the 'zine features some of the best authors and artists I was able to guilt-trip and blackmail into contributing, and I sincerely hope you enjoy their efforts!

Tara LJC O'Shea
March, 2003

Winter Wonderland