The Ice Cream IncidentTiminaA quiet afternoon in Tom Paris' quarters in which Tom surprises B'Elanna Torres with a dish of vanilla ice cream. A practical joke by B'Elanna leads to a confession of deeper feelings by both parties. Rated PG-13.
My Heart Will Go OnTiminaAlternate Universe story set in the "Day Of Honor" episode. Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres are trapped in space after their shuttle is destroyed. An ion turbulence damages their oxygen container. In the canon episode, their EVAC suits are equipped to share oxygen and B'Elanna saves Tom's life by sharing her oxygen with him. In this story, however, their suits don't have that feature and Tom Paris' oxygen supply is not enough to keep him alive until Voyager comes to rescue them. Rated PG.
Special GiftsTiminaTom Paris and B'Elanna Torres are celebrating their 2nd anniversary as a couple and the special gifts they are going to give each other reflect their devotion and deep love for each other. Rated PG-13.
ChoicesTiminaThe Voyager crew returns to the Alpha Quadrant after 6 years in the Delta Quadrant. Tom Paris is given a full pardon and his Starfleet commission. Knowing that being involved with a Maquis would be frowned upon, B'Elanna feels it would be better for Tom's future if she rejoins the Maquis. Rated PG-13.

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