Lindsay Penner

One DanceLindsay PennerA short little scene set during the luau in "Alter Ego". Rated G
The Taming of the Shrew?Lindsay PennerAs Voyager passes through a particularly dull region of space, the whole crew, especially the senior staff, develops an acute case of boredom. Tom decides to produce a Shakespearean play with the senior staff to perk everyone up. But it doesn't turn out quite the way he planned.... Rated PG.
WorthlessLindsay PennerB'Elanna's feeling like her life isn't worth anything anymore. Someone has to convince her otherwise before something terrible happens.... Rated PG-13.
Humanity 101, part oneLindsay PennerSeven is still having trouble interacting with others on Voyager. Tom and B'Elanna come up with a very complicated holodeck story to help her learn about human relationships, and Harry takes her down to the holodeck to help her out with the program. Rated R. Rated R.
Humanity 101, Part TwoLindsay PennerThe holonovel continues, complicating things for Seven and Harry further.... Rated R.
Elysia, part threeLindsay PennerAs the female Q continues to wreak havoc on Elysia, Q and his friend must stop her before she destroys the delicate balance of the universe. Rated PG-13.
Elysia, part twoLindsay PennerVoyager's crew is beginning to accept their fate when disaster strikes. Rated PG-13.
Elysia, part oneLindsay PennerWhen Voyager's systems begin to break down, the ship must land, and her crew must start a colony on a beautiful new world, and give up any hope of ever getting home.... Rated PG-13.

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