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Transcript of the UPN live chat 29-10-03 with Executive Producer David Greenwalt and CIA Technical Consultant Bazzel Baz. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

nicky: Come on're killin' it Diane or Sarah?!?!?!?!?!?
David Greenwalt: It's Kyle!

And next week some of the Sarah questions will be answered.

ThreeDVideo: Have you heard any reaction from the series from the CIA or other agencies?
David Greenwalt: Yes, but Baz won't let me comment.

Bazzel Baz: *laughs* That's classified.

TaraLJC: Baz, how does tech advising on j20 differ from your previous gig on "The Agency"? And how did you end up in the entertainment biz, after the spook biz?
Bazzel Baz: The technical advising on "The Agency" was more person to person on the set during full shooting hours to teach people how to become more cloak and dagger. More human intelligence capable. As we know, Jake 2.0 is about the NSA which deals with protecting our nation's communications capability and therefore requires me to access on a technical scale.

Certainly, the most rewarding part of being attached tothe show is David and his staff.

David Greenwalt: Let's clarify that "David's staff" means other writers!

Bazzel Baz: *laughs* I think that an interesting thing which I find common with both shows is a true patriotic desire even with this show to portray an image that there's somebody out there genuinely interested in remaining the good guy. I think that's important. I know that the comments I receive from my NSA contacts is that they love the show.

torque: Who decides what songs go on the show to accent it?
David Greenwalt: We are very fortunate to have a young talented Englishman named Jason Alexander who is our music supervisor. He helps pick lots of the "source" music one hears. He works closely with Silvio and myself. We also have a terrific composer named Donny Markowitz and we do all this on a shoestring budget without making it sound like the fake Beatles.

Music is very important to the show.

But I don't suppose we'll be doing a musical of Jake 2.0 anytime too soon.

MySpoonIsTooBig: Being a part of the CIA, can you just make up a conspiracy on the spot? And will there be any big Jake 2.0 merchandise soon?
Bazzel Baz: Didn't you hear about the story of Oliver North? Making up conspiracies is bad business!

David Greenwalt: Regarding merchandising...I sure as heck hope so. I'd like to have action figures, video games, lunchboxes, teen novellas and who's up for the DVD?!

crighton28: Are there plans to spice up the special effects to make the show more visually exciting?
David Greenwalt: As soon as I find the money. I'd like the show to be a little more visually exciting in that area.

I think we have a great opportunity to do something other shows aren't doing. For God's sake, send money!

TaraLJC: Love all the media references in the show -- the Tron stuff in "The Good, The Bad..." especially. Is the writing staff having fun mining their geeky sides to write Jake?
David Greenwalt: Yes and the very talented of "The Good, The Bad and the Geeky" episode -- Javier Grillo-Marxuaux -- he's going to kill me for spelling that wrong...purposely planned that homage to Tron and to my old buddy Jeff Bridges.

Javi and our other writers, which include Silvio, Gina and Grant, Mark Wilding, Jesse Stern and Dave Johnson, all bring a lot to the party.

chiafrog: The reboot that was done on Jake, how was that posssible without him being linked by the nanites?
David Greenwalt: Jake can wirelessly interface with computers or with devices that have computer chips inside them. Therefore, Diane could, and did, interface with the nanites arrayed along Jake's spine wirelessly -- and what the heck do you want from us? We were tired that night!

bobthejeep: How are the ratings of Jake 2.0? Should we start massive campaigns like the fans of Roswell to keep the show on? Or is it doing well?
David Greenwalt: You should start the campaign yesterday! The show is doing modestly well. It's finding an audience. Many of them in this very chat room tonight.

Like so many of the show's I've been associated with it's small and it's cool and the ratings are up to the TV gods.

Did I mention start the damn campaign already?!

wwarrior: David, is there a possibility of seeing an episode, where another world power has a nano enhanced version of Jake and then Jake and them go after each other?
David Greenwalt: You can pretty well count on it. *laughs* Now we have to come up with a new end of the season cliffhanger!

Tony: Any plans on more nanites in other people since it seems to work OK in Jake?
David Greenwalt: That's a good question. I think if everybody turns into Superman it's not such a good thing for the show. I am curious, however, if Jake can know the love of a woman. In three weeks Jake himself will become curious and will answer that question.

Van_Fanel: Was Jake 2.0 influenced by any other movies or shows? I noticed the blood in the intro looked a bit Terminator-ish or some of the effects Matrix-ish.
David Greenwalt: We steal from everyone! We're not ashamed to admit it.

We loved Matrix one, but what the hell was up with Matrix two?!

Jake20Fan: Do you or the other writers take in submissions or ideas from fans who are interested?
David Greenwalt: It's a long and arduous process. I think it involves lawyers and some sort of girdle I'm supposed to wear. In fact, it involves a form the person submitting an idea must sign promising me not to sue me for stealing their ideas.

soulwatcher: David G: Jake's clumsiness is such a chuckle for me. Do you plan to keep this show on the lighter side occasionally within each episode?
David Greenwalt: I have a huge love of the funny. One of the reasons I did this show is because Jake is funny, he's not a cool guy. He's not Chuck Squarejaw. He may have enhanced or super powers, he may be protecting our great country from her horrid enemies, but he still doesn't know how to get a date.

This is a quality I absolutely adore. He's not, repeat NOT, hip, slick and cool and he never will be.

Bazzel Baz: It's good for spies like me to finally be able to relate to someone like that.

SydneyBristow: Okay CIA Guy, what is more realistic Alias or Jake 2.0?
Bazzel Baz: Well, heck, I work for Jake 2.0 -- whaddaya think?!


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