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Transcript of the UPN live chat 29-10-03 with Executive Producer David Greenwalt and CIA Technical Consultant Bazzel Baz. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

Aerostat: How do you respond to critics who dislike your handling of such an important topic as Nanotechnology?
David Greenwalt: I'm going to have Baz hunt 'em down and kill 'em! I'm unaware of said critics, but we actually take nanotechnology fairly seriously in our little show. I think it's the future. I think it's where we're all headed, but the future has let me down before. Just where in hell are all the air cars they promised me when I was a kid?!

Firstbornbone: Have you tried to do anything in the show that the government ask you not to?
David Greenwalt: The government has asked me to sell fewer tampons. *laughs* No, in fact, I've not been contacted by the government with the exception of the IRS and I hope never to hear from them.

reneerose242000: What is was one of your dream guest stars to have on Jake?
David Greenwalt: That really hot chick who kissed the other really hot chick on that stupid awards show and Ernest Borgnine.

I'm not allowed to reveal of the identity but there's a huge guest star coming everyone will know.

reneerose242000: Will Diane make it into the field more than she has so far?
David Greenwalt: I certainly would like to see more of Diane and I think Jake would like to see more of Diane and I think...why the heck not?

Richcraft Any chance of Jake kissing Ernest Borgnine?
David Greenwalt: *laughs* Apparantly you missed last week's show.

matt2001: What is your favorite episode and why?
David Greenwalt: I love the pilot and the following twelve episodes, as one could only love one's brood of illegitimate children. But I think I'm probably most attracted to the ones that are really funny and broad like "Cater Waiter" and the ones that are darker, more touching like the wedding episode.

Bazzel Baz: I think that my favorite episode will be the one coming up called -- oops! I almost gave it away! You know I'm getting loose in my old spy age here. There's a show I just finished sending some notes on and it's spectacular and they seem to just be getting better and better and I'm really excited about the direction the show's heading into. bobthejeep: How do you feel about Jake 2.0 aring opposite Angel -- the competition between you and Joss?
David Greenwalt: How do you feel about having your chest pried open with hot pokers? There's no competition between me and Joss. There's only a blatant manly love. What are the odds a hack like me would have two shows on television and they'd be opposite one another. I believe that's why God gave us TiVo.

ltsteel: Where do you see the show going with his "powers" does he have any secrets that will come out or just the ones we know of already?
David Greenwalt: As the show explores deeper and darker emotional territory we may have to find the concomitant physical powers to go along with this.

Bazzel Baz: David that's classified. If you spill that the CIA's going to have you up before Congress.

LaraM: Can you spill about any big plots coming up? Please?
David Greenwalt: As you heard what my keeper said, however, I'm sufficiently liquored up and can tell you this much: there's a big ol' guest star coming soon and Jake very possibly may know the love of a woman soon, we will be revisited by Dumont for those who enjoyed "The Good, the Bad and the Geeky," Jake's ubersuperiors at the NSA will be plotting against him and Jake may very well attempt to mount an escape from this whole life altogether.

UPN Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with David and Baz is up. They both thank you all so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the fans of JAKE 2.0?
David Greenwalt: I'd like to say I heartily endorse what my man Baz just said and I thank you all for your interest in our little show and I wish you all a really good night!


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