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Transcript of the UPN live chat 22-10-03 with actors Keegan Connor Tracy and Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

InvalidNickname: Do you guys try to relate to the actual NSA, or do you try to base it more on fiction?
Keegan Connor Tracy: I think there's always an aim at truth with an occasional suspension of disbelief. We can't be perfect, it's TV but I think we do our best to be true.

Rebecca: Keegan, how did you get into the acting business? Could you give any advice for those of us trying to get into professional acting?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Don't! Run screaming for the hills! *laughs* Just kidding... How'd I get in? I always wanted to be an actor. In terms of getting in I just started at the bottom like mostly everybody else (you know who you are, you who didn't!) Advise? Don't do it unless you love it. It's a very tough business and if you don't love it, don't do it because you'll kill yourself. You have to have passion to do it. If you're doing it to be famous, go be on Survivor or something, but for people who really want to be actors I would say find a really good teacher.

Vincha: What is you favorite episode so far?
Keegan Connor Tracy: "Last Man Standing" and not just because it was a lot of Diane. I thought it had a lot of heart and really showed the personal side of Jake. Chris was always really.

Arystiabrat: How are things different for you now that the show is out?
Keegan Connor Tracy: How have things changed? They haven't! I'm still waitin'!

Kris: Hi Keegan, could you please tell us a little about your audition?
Keegan Connor Tracy: *raucous laughter* God, which one?! There were many for this one! There were people lined up in the hallways and dogs barking, I think there might have been an was very strange. I originally read for Sarah but I guess my inner geek came out so I ended up as Diane which is cool!

UPN Host: Well everyone our time with Keegan is up. Keegan we had a great time chatting with you. Do you have any parting words for the JAKE 2.0 fans?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Tell more people with Nielson boxes to watch the show!! *laughs* Oh, yeah and more Diane! And get Stuff magazine! If you really want to see some stuff on Diane, get the December issue!

UPN Host: Christopher has just entered the chat room. Welcome Christopher! What are you up to tonight?
Christopher Gorham: I'm workin'! They're workin' me to the bone! I never leave!

Defiant: How does the show compare so far to what you thought it would be when you auditioned?
Christopher Gorham: Honestly, it's better than I thought it was going to be so I'm very happy.

TaraLJC: Chris: What was your fave show as a kid? Greatest American Hero, Knight Rider, Manimal, etc.? Do you think that j20 fills an action/adventure void, now that the Big Three networks only seem to air shows about doctors/cops/lawyers?
Christopher Gorham: Well, I think so. I think it helps fill that void. I loved all those shows that you mentioned. I was also a fan of The Hulk and the Six Million Dollar Man. Along those lines we have some really great guest stars coming up!

nanite: Christopher, Do you ever get so involved with your charector that you forget it's just a t.v show?
Christopher Gorham: *laughs* No, no, but sometimes I do get in trouble for having too much fun on the set.

Jesse: What was your favorite stunt so far?
Christopher Gorham: In an upcoming episode called "Whisky Tango Fox Trot" - it's a military themed episode and I did two really cool things in one day. I had to learn how to take apart and put back together a machine gun while blindfolded and I got to bust through a wall and I injured myself doing both! Just cuts and bruises, nothing serious.

minnesota: Chris, what's been your most embarrassing moment on the set so far??
Christopher Gorham: Actually, busting through that wall because the first time I tried to go through it it didn't budge. I ended up knocking down the entire wall! The second time it was too easy and I went through too fast and fell on my face. Third time's the charm.

Linda: Hi Chris! How are you? Jake has super abilities. Did you ever pretend to have superpowers as a kid? and if so, what kind of powers did you pretend to have? Love your show!
Christopher Gorham: I'm fine, thank you, Linda. I used to pretend that I could fly and in elementary school a kid told me that if you crossed your fingers continuously for twenty-four hours you'd be able to fly that next day so I did that and that next night I dreamt about flying all around my house so...I guess it worked!

Rebecca: Chris; if Jake and Superman got into a bar brawl, who do you think would win? I'll be on the sidelines rooting for Jake!!!
Christopher Gorham: *laughs* Yeah, I think Jake could take him! Dale_Kurt: Chris, do you have a fansite?
Christopher Gorham: Yeah, it's but it's like a very early version, it's not very good. *laughs* I aplogize ahead of time.

Arystiabrat: What do you think is the biggest perk of being on the show?
Christopher Gorham: Oh, know, I get paid a nice wage to do what I love and on top of that, people bring me food and drinks, whatever I want -- they just go and get for me! I'm very spoiled.

reneerose242000: What career path might you have followed if it wasn't acting?
Christopher Gorham: Homelessness I think...I dunno...I really don't know what I would have done. When I was younger I always thought that if I didn't make it as an actor I'd become an agent.

Fencer: I noticed Christopher that your bio says you are a fencer. Cool. I was curious if you are a sport fencer or do you study the clasical methods like french or italian.
Christopher Gorham: Yeah, I don't know why that's still in my bio. *laughs* I took fencing in high school and you clearly know more about than I do so...*laughs*

Joseph: Chris if you could pick one "power" to be added to your character what would it be?
Christopher Gorham: Hmm...that's a good question. Hmm... I don't know what I'd add but I always wondered that if all his physical abilities are enhanced would that include taste and smell?

reneerose242000: Chris, how long will it take for you and Diane to kiss?
Christopher Gorham: *laughs* I don't know, I couldn't tell ya' that. She gave me CPR but not counting that...I just don't know. ...but I'm glad you're curious!

WENDUS: Chris, why don't you shoot at least one episode in DC so it looks authentic? Will that ever happen? Wendus wants to know.
Christopher Gorham: We're taking donations!

watcher652: Chris, how does being the lead in "jake" compare with being one of the group in "Odyssey"?
Christopher Gorham: It's more work definitely but also more rewarding and I'm lucky that on both shows I've been surrounded by very nice and talented people.


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