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Transcript of the UPN live chat 22-10-03 with actors Keegan Connor Tracy and Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

Brooke2point0: Chris, what kind of fame/fortune have you come by since the show has aired? What has changed for you? Have your friends changed in any way?
Christopher Gorham: It's a building type of fame. The show is catching on and it's finding its legs so the fame is building, the fortune is building. The fortune's actually building my house. My friends haven't changed, they're used to it by now in fact, most of them are kind of over it.

dash: What kind of missions will jake go on now that he's an agent?
Christopher Gorham: Oh, boy. Lots of things, Jake has to rescue his brother and deal with militia members, he has to deal with a mole in the NSA... And the episode we're shooting right now deals with a rogue agent who has stolen some biological weapons so Jake has to find her and ends up having an interesting relationship with this rogue agent who he's been ordered to kill but then of course, develops feelings for her.

stephanie: Chris, do you have any vices? pet peeves?
Christopher Gorham: Yeah, I don't know why that's still in my bio. *laughs* I took fencing in high school and you clearly know more about than I do so...*laughs*

Joseph: Chris if you could pick one "power" to be added to your character what would it be?
Christopher Gorham: I don't have any vices to think of except for dark chocolate. I *love* dark chocolate.

reneerose242000: I read that your wife had something to do with Jake's hairstyle... is that true? She has really good taste. I loved you in The Other Side of Heaven by the way.
Christopher Gorham: Thank you for that! Yes, my wife is the one who suggested I grow my hair. She works with my stylist whose name is Loren to create the Jake Foley 'do. In fact, I think the reason I got the job is because of the hair. It was the first thing they told me: "Don't cut your hair!" My wife has very good taste.

Belle: What group were you in High School, jock, geek, preppy, punk?
Christopher Gorham: Boy, I was in a couple of them. I dabbled in the joke group in Freshman year, I played water polo but after that I was kind of a drama geek/preppy.

copperpenny: Are you ever tempted to steal some of the props on the show?
Christopher Gorham: I never steal from the show...*laughs*

pld515: What's the silliest stunt they you've had you do so far in terms of acting it out?
Christopher Gorham: The silliest thing for me was running away from that RPG in "Training Day" just because I was so new to this role still and the idea of me, knowing myself, running away from a rocket propel grenade, just seemed ridiculous! Especially when it's not really there!

agentpinky: Chris, my friend in Singapore LOVES your acting work, when will Jake 2.0 be shown overseas?
Christopher Gorham: Very soon, I know that it premiers on the Sky network in January. I don't know that makes it to Singapore, but it's coming.

seven: Chris, what does it feel like to be the ultimate human upgrade?
Christopher Gorham: It feels good. *laughs*

UPN Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Christopher and Keegan is up. They both thank you all so much for being here to chat with us today. Chris, do you have any final comments for the fans of JAKE 2.0?
Christopher Gorham:Thanks for watching, thanks for chatting, tell a friend and we'll see ya' next week! Next week's episode is "Jerry 2.0" where you get to meet Jake's brother Jerry.

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