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Transcript of the UPN live chat 22-10-03 with actors Keegan Connor Tracy and Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

UPN Chat Host: Hey everyone!! Thanks for joining us for our JAKE 2.0 chat. This week we're chatting with stars of the show Christopher Gorham and Keegan Connor Tracy. Keegan will kick off the chat and Christopher will be joining us midway. To submit a question to our guests, just type it in the space below and click "Ask Question"!

UPN Chat Host: We'll be chatting with Keegan first so please start sending your questions for her now by typing them below and clicking Ask a Question! Thanks!

UPN Chat Host: Hey Keegan! Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Lay it on me!

Ronn: Keegan, do you have any favorite cast members that you enjoy working with?
Keegan Connor Tracy: *laughs* You're asking me to play favorites? In general we have a wonderful cast but I guess I would say Chris because we work together a lot so...I can't say I have a favorite...that would be terribly unfair! it was actually very fun to work with Marina because of the tension between Diane and Sarah...or at least from Diane's side! *laughs*

Foxymel82: Your character comes across as smart and sexy, which do you prefer?
Keegan Connor Tracy: *laughs* I would have to say smart because sexy can come from smart but if you're sexy and stupid you're kinda nowhere... besides, sexy can fade but smart never goes away... but lovely comment, I like that!

Nonya6: Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on set of jake 2.0? what was it? or do you dare to share?
Keegan Connor Tracy: God, I think everyday there's an embarrassing moment for me! I know there was an episode..."Training Day" the very first episode in Vancouver and it was like, God, three or four in the morning and we were all tired, particularly me, and I didn't realize the shot was going to be on me, I thought it was just going to be on Chris and so I was facing him and the camera was behind me and I was doing this scene and I turned around and the camera just started pushing in and it just kept getting tighter and tighter and tighter until it was inches from my face and I broke out in laughter because I just wasn't ready for it! know, you're like "I'm gonna get fired and it's my first day!" *laughs*

cybercool: Do you incorporate some of your personal traits into your character? which ones?
Keegan Connor Tracy: I think you can't help but do so unless you're playing someone really far from you. I think I'm in touch with my inner geek and certainly many of goofy qualities in Diane belong to me in great measure also. But I think in real life I have a lot more confidence in Diane.

ysisxb: Keegan what do ya like doing in your spare time? Any hobbies?
Keegan Connor Tracy: *laughs* So many I never complete them all!! I am an avid outdoors person so I spend a lot of time on my kayak, in the mountains, hiking and I love to cook.

WHEELS: What does Diane find attractive about Jake?
Keegan Connor Tracy: I think she saw a kindred spirit in that you know, they both have their geeky qualities and I think like recognizes like. And he has a really charming innocence that you know, how could you not like? I really think that a kindred spirit is what she saw in him. Misunderstood, and overachiever, you know...

TechSupt: Between the Doc and Carter, which do you think Jake will finally end up with, or do you think the viewers will be able to choose?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Well, you know, I gotta vote for Diane, come on! But I don't know, that's not up to me.

MySpoonIsTooBig: What do you think of shooting in the same spots where the x-files and sliders was shot?
Keegan Connor Tracy: For me, it's great because Vancouver happens to be home aside from the fact that the X-Files was inordinately successful and I could only wish that for us. Let's hope there's good sci-fi karma!

junior: Do you have a fan web site?
Keegan Connor Tracy:Yes, I do! Please visit and tell all your friends! It's and it's in the process of being rebuilt right now and the new site should be up in about two weeks so be patient! But there's an email address where you can you email at if you like!

Singularity: What do you think of Nanotechnology, and did you prepare yourself for this role by reading up on it?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Pablo Picasson once said "Everything you can imagine is real" and so in terms of nanotechnology that both inspires and frightens me... *laughs* ...depending on whose hands the knowledge sits. I bought a book about nanotechnology but I've been too busy to read it! So far it hasn't been too technical so I haven't had to do too much research.

stephanie: Keegan, is it hard for you to memorize all of those scientific words and actually say them right the first take?
Keegan Connor Tracy: *laughs* Who said anything about the first take?! I'm a vocabulary nut so it's cool with me! I seriously carry a dictionary and highlight words so I'm a bit obsessed with vocabulary.

TaraLJC: Loved Jake and Diane in "Training Day' (especially for the Desk Lamp of True Love). Has Diane and Jake's relationship always been a part of the scripts? Or did it develop out of the chemistry you two have in the pilot?
Keegan Connor Tracy: It's possible that I would speak out of turn in saying this but I understand that Sarah was the love interest and this has sort of developed out of the chemistry that happened when we started working together. I think it surprised all of us.

trancedj: What are your favorite cd's at the moment, musical tastes, etc?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Oh, wow! I have a really bad CD habit so I always have new stuff. My latest that I've bought is Manuchow. I also have Sam Roberts and a guy Hawksley Workman (he's Canadi** **so which I'm really liking) and I got Lucinda Williams which I really like, but I run the gamut. I love Eminem and Classical. I really have varied interests in music.

Ronn: Keegan, have you ever done a chat like this before?
Keegan Connor Tracy: Never! *laughs* Yeah, I'm having fun! It's really interesting to see what you all want to know.

MySpoonIsTooBig: how old is diane supposed to be on the show?
Keegan Connor Tracy: I don't actually know. I'd like to believe she's 24, head of her class, child prodigy. I really do think of her like that. I imagine her as one of those sort of young geniuses and that's why she's socially behind, inept, if you like. Her life has been about her education and I don't think she has developed her social skills.

Ronn: Keegan, what is your average work day like?
Keegan Connor Tracy: My days vary radically from episode to episode. Sometimes they'll be eighteen hours from four at night 'til ten in the morning and somedays I have three hours. I'm kind of lucky that way -- it goes up and down. But I'd rather be at work! *laughs* More Diane! More Diane! Tell them you want more Diane!


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