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Transcript of the UPN live chat 19-11-03 with actors Philip Anthony-Rodriguez and Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

CuteLilMare: Do you have any plans to write, direct, or produce and episode?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Oh, hell yeah! Hell yeah! If Chris will stay quiet enough and let me get my ideas out in the open, yeah! I don't know about directing because I don't have too much directing experience and I don't think David Greenwalt would let me but I already have some ideas for some upcoming episodes so hopefully they'll let me pitch the idea and if they like it, we'll get to writing it! Of course, it could be really, really bad and they could just laugh me out of the room but at least I'll try.

UPN Host: Our time with Philip is up. Philip thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us tonight! Can you tell us anything cool about any of the upcoming Jake episodes??
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Yes, I can tell you that (well, hopefully this is okay to say) we're going to have an exciting two parter where we bring back an old nemesis of Jake's and some really exciting stuff happens'll just have to tune in as corny as that sounds! I'm very excited and Gorham, make sure when you get on you make us look good and don't embarrass yourself!

Chris Gorham: Tell them how excited you are to work with me!
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: *laughs*

UPN Host: We are now joined by Chris Gorham. Hey Chris, What's been going on with you since the last time we chatted?
Chris Gorham: God...well, let me think about it for a minute...oh yeah, I've been working non-stop! A lot! Lee Majors is here as we speak and we're having a blast working with him. Keegan and I did a couple of live events in L.A. last week that were a big success. Basically, things are getting kind of exciting on the set! We feel like we're getting a second launch almost.

BigJakeFan: Hey Chris, Philip says that he and Lou will never "never hook". True or no?
Chris Gorham: *laughs* Never say never! You know, I think all of America feels the heat between those two!

Hoover: What happened to the narrative Jake gave at the beginning of the episode and why isn't there an episode title at the beginning for reference?
Chris Gorham: I don't know on both counts. There are some people in L.A. who do all these crazy things at the beginning of the show and they stopped consulting me and I feel they may be running us into the ground!

BigJakeFan: Did the nanites give you any special abilities with Angela? You know what i mean! ;-)
Chris Gorham: *laughs* Y'know...I'm a gentleman and Jake's a gentleman and I don't think he'd want me to reveal any of his secrets...if you know what I mean...

Meiji: Chris, do you ever feel uneasy about the numerous shirtless scenes during the show? It makes the show certainly more interesting for us girls.
Chris Gorham: *laughs* Do I ever feel uneasy? No, but they do make me laugh.

Doepiddle: Christopher, Having just seen "The Spy Who Really Liked Me" mere moments ago, I wanted to ask if you have input regarding Jake's character. I noticed that his personality and attitude were much stronger in this episode. And by the way, have you been working out? You look GREAT!!
Chris Gorham: *laughs* Why thank you for saying that! I have been working out it's just out of necessity if nothing else because the show is so physical and especially in the first episodes I was really out of shape. I remember talking in interviews that this character never had to be in great shape and about how I was thrilled that I could eat pizza and watch TV all day and still be a superhero but...I was wrong! *laughs* I need to be in great shape to play him because even though he may be running for five seconds on screen...I'll be running for six hours.

KSchott: Why did the show make such a big deal about Jake being able to have sex?
Chris Gorham: I don't feel like the show made a big deal out of it but I think it was a big deal for Jake. I think that he really wasn't sure if he was able to or should because he doesn't want to put anybody else in danger and as any of the male species knows...being able to have sex is kind of a big deal. ...Plus it's kind of funny.

watcher652: Do you think Jake looks to Kyle as more of a father figure than a big brother?
Chris Gorham: No, I'd say it's definitely more of a brother relationship.

Momo: I'm watching Jake right now!! I love your show! What's your secret?!? AIEEEE!
Chris Gorham: Beets. *laughs*

Richcraft: Why did you have to wear boxers in your scenes tonight? They are not comfortable.
Chris Gorham: *laughs* I'm too shy for briefs!

knight: what was it like to work with laura harris and will she be back on soon?
Chris Gorham: It was a pleasure. Laura is a total pro, she's incredibly talented and just a great person so it was a pleasure and will she be back? I don't know. She's on some silly Showtime show so she might be busy... I say that with a warm heart having come from another silly Showtime show myself.

Eddie: Mr.christopher, since he's the manifest for every geeks dream, myself included, is he a computer geek, and does he play computer games.
Chris Gorham: Not a computer geek. I wish I were more of one. I do occasionally play video games but I get addicted to them so I try to stay away. Oh, but I'm going to be in a video game soon...the new Medal of Honor game...I play a couple voices on it!

Demon_Dragon: is duarte going to start training jake more aggressively and try and bring out the full potential of the nanites?
Chris Gorham: I think that the training has know, even we don't see Kyle training him a lot. It's kind of unspoken that it continues...but you'll see in future episodes that Jake is coming into his powers largely through the powers of Kyle, Lou and Diane.

DBrennan: Do you think they should make a Jake 2.0 video game?
Chris Gorham: Oh, I'd love that! *laughs*

MySpoonIsTooBig: who would win in a fight? Philip or you?
Chris Gorham: Oh, come on!! Phil fights like a girl! Don't tell him I said that!


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