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Transcript of the UPN live chat 19-11-03 with actors Philip Anthony-Rodriguez and Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

bluto: Is the show trying to be careful to be consistent about what Jake can and can't do? Sometimes he seems superhuman, and at others, he gets taken out easily.
Chris Gorham: Yeah, I think we definitely pay attention and try to keep things consistent but I don't think...for instance,how fast can he heal? I don't think we've made a decision that it takes him ten seconds to heal a scratch but six hours to heal a cut...we haven't gotten that specific. I'd say his powers naturally have to stay within boundaries and he's still human and can still be killed if he can't heal himself fast enough and if he falls from too high...the nanites enhance his physical abilities but he still has bones and bones break and he still bleeds.

KellBell: how do you wind down at the end of the day?
Chris Gorham: Usually, I spend my ride home from work learning my lines for the next day and then basically fall into bed. *laughs*

watcher652: Are we going to see any more of Jake's family soon?
Chris Gorham: We have met his younger brother and he does have other family, clearly. I'm hoping we meet them soon I just think we've been concentrating on other things for the time being.

PaullyCoyote: chris, do you worry the show will ever get too big and become like star trek with millions of fans who become addicts & pester you for the rest of your life?
Chris Gorham: *laughs* But thank you for your concern!

eevee: is there a hidden reference in every episode like the license plate on the truck that read jake020?
Chris Gorham: You know, the writers and the prop guys and various people like to throw little details like that for people to find so I'd say yeah, you could probably find something in every episode that you'd have to look closely to catch.

Voidwar: Chris, do you think your character will stand the test of time like a james bond, or Shaft?
Chris Gorham: I think it's inevitable.

Rebecca: What are your views on the chaos of the Jake/Diane ship? Why don't they just get together already?!
Chris Gorham: *laughs* Well, what else would there be to talk about? The excitement is in the tension.

Texas: Chris, do you think there will come an episode where Jake finds out there were other human subjects in the program and that the info was kept from him? Maybe one where he will have to confront an "escaped" test subject?
Chris Gorham: I don't know but it's sounds very exciting.

animerocker64: Chris what would happen if jake get stuck on a magnet would he get all messed up or die?
Chris Gorham: Stuck in a magnet! I think it would have to be one *really* powerful magnet because these nanobots are *really* tiny and even though there are millions of them. You saw the beaker and the amount that got into was drops almost so...yeah, I don't think he has to worry about magnets too much but electromagnetic pulses? Yes.

Demon_Dragon: are they going to experiment with version upgrades to try and enhance or add to his abilities?
Chris Gorham: I don't know of any plans to do that but I think that would be a logical step at some point, sure.

chris: Are there going to be special "Thanksgiving" and "Christmas" episodes?
Chris Gorham: Not this season.

Chi_Danny: Would you want Jake to turn in to more a superhero or do you like the more personal side?
Chris Gorham: I think we need to keep a balance between the two. Personally, I enjoy doing both and think both are important. I think the core of the show has to come from the personal issues...the emotional but the skin of the show comes from the action and you can't really have one without the other...or you shouldn't.,

IceBlue: Do you see this show as having a message to deliver about technology taking over peoples lives?
Chris Gorham: Yeah, I don't know if there's a message we're trying to deliver so much as a question. The question being: what happens when technology literally takes over your life? Which then can translate into a metaphor for everyday life and regular situations.

margaret: chris, do you have a way for your fans to contact you?
Chris Gorham: Yeah, I have a website: I think it's running. It's really not updated very often but you can email me there. But the most effective way and the most effective way to support the show if that's what you want to do is to write the network. Send in your letters 'cuz we can use everyone's support.

UPN Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Christopher and Philip is up. They both thank you all so much for being here to chat with us today. Chris ,do you have any final comments for the fans of Jake 2.0?
Chris Gorham: Yeah, keep enjoying the show. Thanks for tuning in. Keep talking us up to your friends and relatives. You guys are the reason that we're getting our entire first season and we're all very grateful, so thank you.

UPN Host: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in to JAKE 2.0 next Wednesday at 9:00 PM.

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