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Transcript of the UPN live chat 19-11-03 with actors Philip Anthony-Rodriguez and Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

UPN Host: You all have a lot of great questions for Christopher and Philip, so let's begin!! If you're just joining us, we're chatting live with one of the stars of JAKE 2.0, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez. Christopher Gorham will be joining us later in the chat. To submit a question for our guests, please type it in the space below and click "Ask Question". We'll get to as many of your questions as we can. Let's get started!!!

UPN Host: Hey Philip! Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Yes, I'm psyched! Bring it on!

BigJakeFan: How much fun do you have making such a cool show? What is a typical day on the set like?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Well, needless to say I have a great time doing the show. I'm having a blast especially doing a tv genre that I grew up watching. I pinch myself and wonder what I did to deserve this? It's a blast and super fun. A typical day on the set...considering next to Chris I'm on the set the most. It varies. Sometimes it's long hours and sometimes it'll depend on whether or not we're on location. Sometimes we have to go on location and have to shoot on some street setting and then double back to the studio to stuff there. Typically there's no set normal nine to five thing. It can vary day to day. Some days I'll do one scene -- come in and I'm gone and then others I'm there til 3 in the morning.

nanite1010011010: How are you like your character? How are you different? How do you wish you were more like or unlike your character?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Well, first of all I love my character. I feel it's sort of tailor made for me and my abilities as an actor. I think Kyle and I are very similar in the sense that we have kind of two sides. We'll have sort of a tough exterior but on the inside there's sort of a kinder, gentler Kyle. *laughs* Someone more sympathetic and with some more human emotions. Y'know I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I come from a pretty tough neighborhood and that's sort of what Kyle's about on the show so you get the best of both with the character and how it relates to me. I think I would like to be less like my character...I think people think Kyle can be kind of hard with Jake and that happens because he's his direct superior and is sort of training him. So, Kyle is tough on Jake because he knows he has to be but he does it because he wants Jake to do well and you know, I think that's why he likes Jake. He's sort of rooting for him and that's very much like me and I think I'm a very supportive person and always pushing for people and give people a positive attitude on how they can succeed! *laughs* If that doesn't sound too corny.

Zero: Did you guys actually do any field training in preparation for the show?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Yes, very little but it was sufficient enough to get us going with the show. When we first started we had an armerer (a gun specialist) and he taught us some basic gun training. How to properly hold a gun so from a shooting "bang bang" perspective, that's why he was on. Then, we also had an ex-Marine on and he was there because he had some experience working on embassies from other countries and doing close-quarters training. For example, if there's a bad guy that goes in a diplomat's house, he'd be there to sort of defend whoever he was protecting. it was basically tactics on how to move in and out of rooms or shadow an agent going in with you on an arrest or something like that. That was a lot of fun because you sort of respect what these guys can do and you realize that it's not an easy job being an agent or someone in the military or a spy so it's kind of great fun.

Richcraft: What's Kyle's background?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: You know, what? I don't think we've determined that! *laughs* I can say that for me, I'm of Puerto Rican background but for right now he's just your basic agent of Latino parentage. That's actually a good question because I spoke with someone about making his nationality specifically so that might be something we touch upon in future shows. But I guess for now he's from whatever Latino country you want him to be!

mudgrubber: In which direction would you like to see Kyle's character develop?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Well, there's lots of stuff I'd like Kyle to do! I'd like him to have more fun, especially with Jake. We've sort of been touching on that in the episodes. Our interaction has been more light-hearted and the show's not a comedy but it does have its funny moments.
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: So, from that perspective, I'd like Kyle to be a bit more fun! *laughs* He's kind of funned out right now. I'd definitely like to see more action with Kyle, specifically a cool fight scene aside from the occasional punch. I envision him in like a Matrix-style fight with six Ninja assassins and him winning in the blink of an eye! *laughs*

stephanie: Philip, do you think kyle and lou will hook up sometime in the future?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: It depends on how you define "hook up"! Umm...if you mean romantically, I strongly doubt it unless the producers are willing to go in a weird direction but on a mission? Absolutely, we're doing that more in some of the upcoming episodes. In one of our story lines Jake gets in a little trouble and Lou and Kyle are there in tandem to help him out but we can't get too much into that or we'll give it away. But I can say that Lou and Kyle will definitely be doing more field stuff.

Georgie: Philip, What is your favorite broadway show ever?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Oh, boy! My favorite Broadway show ever is West Side Story especially considering x-amount of $%#!@ years ago...*laughs*...I was in a production. It was actually my first gig out of college in Europe and it was a blast. It was always my favorite show as a kid so...there you have it -- West Side Story!

Voidwar: In this competitive market, do you think Jake 2.0 will survive and avoid early cancellation?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Gosh, I hope so! *laughs* I'd love to still have a job but it's good to know that basically everybody who watches it *really* enjoys it. It's not up to me but I think we have a good chance as long as people keep watching. I hope we don't have to get into one of those letter writing campaigns to the network but if we have to...get to it!

andia: I love Jake and Kyle's relationship, especially in the episode "Middleman." Will we be seeing more of this interaction in the future?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Yeah, like I said we definitely will. I'd like to see more of that for sure. The interaction, I think will get better. It'll become much more fun and light-hearted without getting too wacky since they work so closely together.

BennyBrett: Do you do your own stunts?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Oh, heck yeah! *laughs* I'm actually pretty physical, I try to do as much as possible especially when it comes to a fight scene or something like that but when the hard stuff happens like being thrown off the side of a building or doing some tricky stunt driving, we leave that to the pros.
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: I actually have an awesome stunt double. He looks exactly like me and people think it is me! But he's actually doing all the hard stuff!

nanolicious: What are you doing for the holidays?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: I am soooo psyched for the holidays because I'm going to Puerto Rico and spending time with my family. We're going to have sort of a mini family reunion. Some fun in the sun and it can't come any sooner! *laughs* Winter's been just a tad harsh with us right now!

Gr8One: After Kyle seeing Jake's abilities, which one do you think he would want most?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Hmm...that's a good question. I would have to say increased strength. I can do without all the fancy nanovision and nightvision but extra strength? That's tops in my book any day.

obsidian_black: Do you have a favorite moment from the show so far?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Oh, wow...another good question. I have a few but probably my favorite moment is I think in the episode "The Good, The Bad and The Geeky" when I interrogate Dumont and he gets snooty with me. *laughs*
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: I get to punch him out and when I walk out of the jail cell that he's in I say to the security guard that he slipped. *laughs* So, it's kind of cool because we get to see a slightly dirty side to Kyle that I like. Incidentally, we will be seeing Dumont again soon...that bad boy!

bobthejeep: How do you feel about being a celebrity? Do people recognize you on the street?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: *laughs* Well, I'm hardly a celebrity...yet. Occasionally I get recognized but it rarely happens here in Vancouver where we shoot. Just last week I was home in Los Angeles and interestingly enough I was in a car with a friend at a stop light and this girl pointed at me to roll down my window and I thought she was going to ask for directions and she said "Heeey! You're that Kyle guy! Cool show! Keep up the good work" but what was most baffling is that I had a baseball cap and sunglasses on so I was like, wow, you're really good. My friend got a kick out of it in the car too.

jakette2pt0: What's been your favorite episode and why?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Definitely "The Good, The Bad and The Geeky".

UPN Host: Chris will be with us shortly! Send your questions for Chris in now!

grayentropy: What actors have inspired you?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: Oh, boy, lots! I would say the actors that have most inspired me and who I consider my favorites are Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford and going back sort of old school Spencer Tracey.

Viper: Do you enjoy using computers, and what type of a computer do you have at home?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: I do. I do my fair share of computing. I'm not a geek by any means...meaning I'm not very computer literate but I get by and I have a Dell! Hopefully that won't sound too lame. I'm planning on getting a new, super cool computer so if you have any suggestions, lemme know!

MySpoonIsTooBig: do you guys ever fight on the show during rehearsal?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: No, but we do our fair share of play fighting all the day. Particularly, Chris, Judith and I. We'll be standing on set and usually when we're doing a fight scene and we'll just push each other around in these boxing poses. That's about as violent as it gets. We just doing random pushing and shoving and it's great fun!
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: We actually get along super, duper well and hopefully that doesn't sound too corny.

stephanie: Philip, your eyes are so beautiful! Is that the first thing that people notice about you?
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez: *laughs* Well, at the risk of hopefully not sounding too presumptuous, yes. I think my favorite is our post show online chat names and mine is "AgentPrettyEyes" and I think that's cool because I think there are a lot worse names I could be called! I can deal with "AgentPrettyEyes". You can thank my momma for that.


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