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Transcript of the UPN live chat 15-10-03 with actor Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

coffeebuzz: How long have you been acting?
Christopher Gorham: I've been acting seven years.

JamieRuby: Do you have any advice for someone trying to get into acting?
Christopher Gorham: Yeah, I would say study, not only acting but just in general. Especially if you're young you can go to school while you pursue your career. I've always thought the more you know the more you can act. Living in LA or NY doesn't hurt.

MySpoonIsTooBig: Will the crazy hacker from last week be back?
Christopher Gorham: Dumont, I expect Dumont may very well be back. Although I'm not sure when. We haven't heard the last of that tall, crazy red head.

westtexan: What's the funniest thing to happen on the set so far?
Christopher Gorham: [laughs] I don't know, but one of the scariest things is when I cut Phil with a knife. Phil's tied in a chair, and I'm cutting the ropes. But the knife was very, very sharp, and I almost freed him from his forearm.

airwolf: What do you like to do when you have free time?
Christopher Gorham: I love to go home and be with my wife and son. Otherwise I read.

Darkseer: How many episodes will most likely end up airing this season?
Christopher Gorham: Well, 22, I hope. [laughs]

Agility: Are you currently taking any martial arts or any other training to maybe help improve the action of future shows?
Christopher Gorham: I'm going to the gym fairly regularly. Early on I'd be sore for three days afterwards. I definitely have to stay in shape. But I've never really seen Jake as a kung-fu type of guy.

Bionic: When is Lindsay Wagner going to show up as your mom?
Christopher Gorham: I don't know, but that's not such a bad idea.

SparkleRose04: You always play the nice guys. Any villain roles in your future?
Christopher Gorham: I played kind of bad guy on an episode of "Boomtown." I like playing bad guys. It's fun.

trekker: Are there any carryover or two part episodes this season"
Christopher Gorham: Not yet.

Fan_2_point_0: Will there be a JAKE 2.0 convention?
Christopher Gorham: Ha ha ha. I haven't heard anything about it. I'll go if they feed me.

JamieRuby: What has been your favorite episode so far?
Christopher Gorham: Tonight's episode has been my favorite so far.

quin: Is there a long-term plot goal right now, or are things still being developed?
Christopher Gorham: I think long-term plots are being developed. So kind of yes on both.

Midge: If you could have any power like Jake has what would it be?
Christopher Gorham: Well if I could chose any power, I'd like to fly. But of Jake's powers, it would be interfacing with computers. Then I would never have to pay for cable television again.

DavidNetk: What is your favorite TV show? Besides JAKE 2.0, of course!
Christopher Gorham: Let's see...I like a lot of HBO shows. "The Sopranos," "Sex and the City," "Project Greenlight." And then I like to watch my UCLA Bruins play basketball and football.

natasia: What roles have you auditioned for but didn't get that really disappointed you?
Christopher Gorham: Tootsie. Luke Skywalker. What else... Yeah those are the big ones. I don't know... there hasn't been one that I was really dying for I didn't get. Jake and my role in "The Other Side of Heaven" are the roles I was really hoping to get. I would love to have auditioned for "Spiderman," but it wasn't a possibility at the time.

rose: what would you like to see happen with your character?
Christopher Gorham: Top ten in the ratings would be good. Just to meet more of his family. And I love it when Jake gets to be an action hero.

Sage: What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
Christopher Gorham: All kinds. The last three I read were East of Eden, All the King's Men, and right now I'm reading a book called The Company, which is a novel about the CIA.

d0sh: Are you pulling for the Yankees or Red Sox?
Christopher Gorham: I gotta like the underdog. I think a Red Sox/Cubs series would be fun.

Midge: Are there any famous guest stars set to be on the show?
Christopher Gorham: There's something in the works.

Neokirby: How old is your son, and is he into comics too?
Christopher Gorham: He's two and a half. Not yet.

Prozac: Do you sit at home and watch the episodes with your family?
Christopher Gorham: No, I'm always at work when they air. I generally watch them on tape in my trailer.

bobthejeep1: Is JAKE 2.0 heading in a direction where the focus is more on relationships or on action plots?
Christopher Gorham: I think we're actually looking to increase the amount of action in the show while holding onto the relationship between the characters. Everyone likes watching Jake running around and getting into trouble, but people are equally interested in his emotional life.

bobthejeep1: Is it weird to see your face all over promotional posters? What does your son think about that?
Christopher Gorham: Ha ha ha. It's cool. I think they came up with a really cool poster. I'd like to have one one day.

Fear: If you had to choose one thing about your JAKE 2.0 role that you don't like, what would it be?
Christopher Gorham: Really the only negative, if I had to pick one, is we're shooting away from home. I wish we were shooting in LA.

jaden30: Your wife is an actress too. Will she be appearing on the show?
Christopher Gorham: Not any time soon. She's busy making me a baby.

AGuyInLoveWithChris: Have you ever gotten hurt on the set?
Christopher Gorham: No, not really. The occasional scrapes, bumps and bruises. I make sure all the knives are dull now.


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