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Transcript of the UPN live chat 15-10-03 with actor Christopher Gorham. Transcript from Reprinted without permission. © UPN 2003.

Aine: How are you with doing the intimate/emotional scenes? Embarrassing?
Christopher Gorham: The emotional scenes, no. But the romantic scenes, yeah those do make me uncomfortable.

TYLER_2point0: Is Jake ever going to get a break with girls?
Christopher Gorham: Yes. Jake is going to get a break with a girl.

KidNotorious: Do people recognize you when you walk down the street?
Christopher Gorham: Increasingly, yes. My days of anonymity at the airport are gone. There were two guys at customs who watch the show, but they weren't going to admit it until I told them which one.

PukaShells: What happened to Jake's roommate in the pilot episode?
Christopher Gorham: He was transferred out of the country.

Abe8555: In today's episode, how hard was it to stay perfectly still when Jake died? How many takes did you do?
Christopher Gorham: That was difficult. You can't breathe. We didn't need any special takes, but we did a lot of takes and a lot of coverage of that scene, angles and such.

Formally Wicket: Are Jake and Diane gonna end up together?
Christopher Gorham: I don't know. I think it's too early to be sure. A lot can happen. The important thing is they're becoming very good friends. Where that goes, we'll see.

MySpoonIsTooBig: You have a good rapport with the audience, and you have an odd sense of humor. Would you ever think of doing a Woody Allen movie (a good one)?
Christopher Gorham: Are you kidding me? I would chop off my leg to do a Woody Allen movie. Or at least ask nicely.

d0sh: Do you think the dying part was cheesy? Everyone knew you were going to come back...
Christopher Gorham: No, I didn't think it was cheesy. I was totally caught up in it the first time I watched it. I think Keegan really knocked that scene out of the park.

TYLER_2point0: What's your favorite band?
Christopher Gorham: U2.

wildeone: Are you a prankster?
Christopher Gorham: Not really because I don't like payback. But I do tease an awful lot. I do tease Phil and Judith on the set an awful lot.

jack: What's it like living with that Jake haircut?
Christopher Gorham: Ha ha ha. I love this haircut. This haircut was months in the making. Anel at Estilo created it for me on the advice of my wife.

Gemini: What's it like being one of the hottest guys on TV?
Christopher Gorham: Ha ha ha. Is that what I am?

jerzgrll: Why do you think Jake is so unconfident with dating?
Christopher Gorham: I think he's just one of those guys who's a bit socially awkward. He's getting better. It's just so much fun to watch him be awkward, you don't really want to lose that.

adman: Chris - what's next for Agent Foley?
Christopher Gorham: Boy, there's a lot coming up. You meet Jake's brother very shortly. After you meet his brother, then the jealous green monster takes over Jake a little bit and Diane starts a relationship. And then after that you get to see Jake go under cover with a special forces unit. We're talking machine guns, grenade launchers. Jake goes Platoon.

UPN Chat Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Christopher is up. Christopher, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the JAKE 2.0 fans?
Christopher Gorham: Thank you all for showing up. Thank you all for watching the show. And spread the word.

UPN Chat Host: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in to JAKE 2.0 next Wednesday at 9:00 PM. Next week's chat will feature Christopher and his lovely co-star Keegan Connor Tracy. Check back at for more details!

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