Smallville Fan Fiction Resources is the brainchild of LJC and Miss Windy.

LJC is a professional web designer and freelance journalist who has been writing fan fiction since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, and most of her friends truly believe she is insane. But they put up with her anyway. Mostly. She likes long hot bubble baths, walks in the park, and kicking people in the head. She writes raw code in HomeSite, makes things pretty in PhotoShop, and her Indian name is "Has That Font." Her typing skills are suspect, and her spelling only proves that a writer is only as good as her editors make her look when they fix her dumbass mistakes.

Yolanda Beatty is ultra-spiffy, and our song lyrics diva angel from heaven queen.

Debby A and Tavia deserve our utmost admiration and lots and lots of chocolate for typing up episode transcripts.

Hope is the best pinch-hitter ever, stepping up to cull facts from the latter half of the second season episodes for the fact checker, to help get the site up-to-date before the third season premiere.

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