Peta Wilson stars as Nikita
Season three....

One word: Housekeeping

Shooting began Oct. 19, 1998, and third season will begin airing January 3rd, 1999. on USA Network.

From Ultimate TV:

Looking For Michael
The Section One group plots Nikita's death in retaliation
for the Adrian incident; Nikita meets Michael's family.

Someone Else's Shadow
Nikita moves in with Michael's family as part of his
deep-cover assignment to locate a notorious terrorist.

Opening Night Jitters
Michael is asked to risk his wife's life in order to set a
trap for her terrorist father.
Peta Wilson Excerpted from a message from Chris Heyn to the Warner Bros. Message Board:

Season Three will kick off with an intense four-episode arc that will deal with/explore/answer several questions that many have you have raised over the past two seasons. These four episodes deepen and broaden the mythology of Section One, creating some very interesting dilemmas and conflicts that will play out over the course of the season. Plus, there's one resolution that I believe will have many of you crying and cheering at the same time.

The four episodes are:

301: Looking for Michael
302: Someone Else's Shadow
303: Opening Night Jitters
304: Gates of Hell

Episodes 2 and 3 are a two-parter, while Episodes 1 and 4 are stand-alone episodes that also serve as prologue and epilogue respectively.

"Gates of Hell" is the ultimate closer to the arc, as it explores the soul of Michael in greater depth than any episode to date. However, it's the events that transpire in the previous three episodes that give the fourth episode its emotional power. "Gates of Hell" is at once tragic, moving, and inspiring. And you thought "Simone" made you cry. Ha! Just you wait. :-)

    Other notable tidbits about Season Three:

  • You will meet "George"... as soon as the first episode. Played by Jan Rubes. George is both grandfatherly and sinister at the same time. His character will show up several times this season, as Oversight is explored in depth.

    [Note: The role of George has been recast and will be played by David Hemblen, (Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Short Circuit II, Earth: Final Conflict]

  • The "Torture Twins" return for at least two appearances.

  • One character from Season One and two characters from Season Two make appearances again.

  • We have a new Section One set this year, "Committee." A blend of cold and warm elements, it is very intimate, postmodern, and unmistakably European. Yet another success from the talented mind of production designer Rocco Matteo.

  • There will be lots of humor this season, including some great interaction between Walter and Birkoff.

  • Some stunning action sequences are planned, including an actual free-fall done for real this time.

    All in all, this year will be a roller-coaster ride with something for everyone. I can say this for certain, because 17 of the 22 scripts have already been written, and they all contain stories or elements that fans have wondered about or have wanted to see.

Excerpted from a message from Chris Heyn to the Heyn's Hussy Message Board Monday, Dec. 14 1998:
    As we speak, Joel [Surnow] is in the edit suite with editor Dave Thompson, overseeing the cut of the fifth episode of Season Three entitled New and Improved. This episode was written by Cyrus Nowrasteh, who as you may remember, wrote the pilot episode Nikita, and directed by Brad Turner, who last did Adrian's Garden. This episode is sufficiently disturbing, and should lead to a lot of moral and ethical debates, more than your typical LFN episode.

    Here are a few more things to look forward to in the four-episode arc:

  • Joelhas made it a point to do a "previously on Nikita" recap at the beginning of all four arc episodes. Because there are story threads that carry over from last season, as well as throughout the arc, Joel wanted to make sure that new viewers won't be lost if tuning into LFN for the first time. They may not catch all the subtle resonances that long-time fans will, but at least they'll be up to speed with what they need to know.

  • You will see the Torture Twins do their dirty work outside of Section for the very first time.

  • Madeline will be wearing a wider variety of wardrobe, sometimes having more than one outfit in an episode. (This is for those of you who grew tired of seeing the same plum dress all the time last season.)

    There is so much more I'd could share, but I don't want to spoil all the surprises.

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