Fear and Comfort Ronda Sexton Tom and B'Elanna spend some quality time together before she goes on the Borg Mission in Unimatrix Zero part 1. Rated PG-13 Starry Skies Ronda and PJS Tom and B'Elanna spend some quality time together under the stars. Rated NC-17 My Girl Veronica Jane Williams Set end of Season Six. Tom reflects on the girl in his life - while she's sleeping! Rated G 10 Things I Hate About You ~ Tom Alicia The 10 things Tom hates the most about B'Elanna. Rated PG-13 Comparisons Alicia Sometimes a routine is a welcome change. Rated PG Words Annie M A short admission and a rebuttal. Rated R Harbour Lights Annie M (synopsis) Set early in season 7. Tom's in a reflective mood. Rated PG-13 For Those Who Departed Lanna Over 40 crewmen died from the Maquis and Starfleet factions. On the eve of their burial, Paris contemplates the deaths he had witnessed in his life. Rated PG Meanwhile, Back on Voyager... DangerMom & TrekGirl The newlyweds return and face a few surprises.. Rated PG Reunion Julie Evans Scene additions to "Unimatrix Zero, Part Two." Rated PG-13 Aurora: Changes Julie Evans AU. Further adventures of the Voyager crew turned colonists on the Delta quadrant planet they named "Aurora." Sequel to "Down the Rabbit Hole," "Into the Looking Glass" and "Founding Aurora." Rated PG-13 All in a Day Liz Response to Archivist's Challenge. So, what REALLY happened after Tom and B'Elanna agreed to tie the knot? Set at the end of "Drive." Rated PG Arguments Lovers and Friends. Jane Roberts the third part of the arguments lovers and friends series question are answered and new ones are asked Rated G Hidden Tracy Sobieski What Lurks in the Darkness. Sequel to "Blaze." Rated NC-17 Hidden Tracy Sobieski What Lurks in the Darkness. Sequel to "Blaze." Rated PG-13 Fears Theresa This is sort of a sequel to Misunderstandings. Set after Scientific Method. Tom is discouraged by B'Elanna's intentions when she wants to keep their ralationship a secret from the rest of the crew. Rated PG Coda to "Drive" Theresa Some all important missing scenes for the episode "Drive" Rated PG