A. Blunt

Finding Out the TruthA. Blunt Set after "Hunters." Rated PG.
Revelations A. Blunt Alternate Universe. Takes place after 'Message in a Bottle,'and takes on the premise that Voyager's crew sent out letters to loved ones back home. Admiral Paris finds out that Tom sent him a letter, but what should he do with it? And how does he deal with it? Rated PG.
Miss Wildman's Teddy Bear A. Blunt Takes place before 'Day of Honor.' Ensign Wildman is injured after an away mission, and has to stay in Sickbay overnight for observation Tom volunteers to look after Naomi. Rated G.
AwakeningsA. BluntAlternate Universe. After a long hard day, Admiral Paris somehow finds himself on Voyager, and is able to see her crew. And Q is involved. While onboard, he learns a little about himself. But what is Q's reasoning for this? Rated PG-13.
Faces LogA. BluntTom's personal log after "Faces." Rating missing.
Legacy A.Blunt Alternate Universe. An incident on Voyager causes Tom to look back on a similar one, in his past. Rated PG-13
Legacy Revisited A.Blunt Alternate Universe. Takes place a month after Legacy, and Tom is still coming to terms with memories that arose previously. Assumes that Tom and B'Elanna are still fairly new in their relationship. Rated PG-13
This is a Personal Log! A.Blunt Takes place after "Living Witness." After the Doctor gives his testimony, the Kyrians re-double their efforts, and eventually find more data taken from Voyager's computer, which includes some personal logs--including some from our favourite helmboy. Rated PG.

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