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Dear fellow Jake 2.0 fans:

We are having a bumpy road and though it is not over yet, but I should take this time to tell you all that you are all doing a great job, and please keep those postcards pouring in at UPN and Viacom!

I have a feeling we won't see an end to Jake 2.0 all too soon. Jake has great potential for a movie or two. And perhaps upon the release of the Six Million Dollar Man movie next year, we will suddenly find out that Jake is worth the money. Well, he is to me, all 80 bucks I will probably pay when the complete series comes out on DVD.

Good work, nanites! You are all doing your best. Keep sending postcards and keep checking in on the message board, for we will all find more ways to celebrate Jake besides tuning in at 9pm.

Adam Kidd
Executive Director, Nanites
The Unofficial Jake 2.0 Fanclub

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