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"Prince and the Revolution"
Writer: Dave Johnson
Director: Jorge Montesi
Air Date: 12.10.2003

Christopher Gorham...Jake Foley
Keegan Connor Tracy...Diane Hughes
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez...Kyle Duarte
Judith Scott...Louise Beckett

Guest Stars:
Lee Thompson Young...Malik
Kandyse McClure...Anna
Jim Byrnes...Director Skerrit
Rachel Hayward...Executive Director Valerie Warner
Miranda Frigon....Tech Agent Carver
Paul McGillion...Earl Wenk
Enid-Raye Adams...Agent Wilson
Michael Ryan...Professor
Kwesi Ameyaw...Tracey
Ron Selmour...General Baako
Richard Cohee...Rashid
Mark Docherty...News Anchor
Biski Gugushe...Hoopster


This episode serves as a strong continuation of the arc begun in "The Spy Who Really Liked Me." Jake has an idealised view of the government, and that ideal has been shaken by the last three episodes. However, rather than taking the out he is offered, Jake is determined to stick with his team--even though the team cannot trust their immediate superiors. The script is at times clumsy--and the episode lacks the sense of humour present in the first half of the season. However, it is bolstered by strong performances. Lee Thompson Young in particular positively shines as Malik and Christopher Gorham perfectly captures Jake's despair at being caught between what his government expects of him, and his own moral code. The scene with Diane and Jake in the lab is particularly memorable, and Keegan Connor Tracy turns in a nicely subtle performance, showing there's more to Diane than just the geeky research doctor.

The episode features some entertaining stunts--particularly Jake's vertical leap in act V (suddenly Jake can fly?), and the basketball game. It's always fun to see Jake shed his mild-mannered IT geek exterior and kick some ass, though the more often he does this, the harder it will be to buy Jake as a geek. Part of the character's appeal is the fact that he is no James Bond super-suave super-cool guy. Hopefully, he will retain his core geekitude, no matter how competant he becomes as a spy, Because that's part of what makes the character so endearing. Not to mention, identifiable with his audience.

Jake's bond with his team mates continues to be the emotional core of the series. The show appears to be taking a turn for the dark, shedding some of its own idealised look at the government, while managing not to paint Warner as completely villainous, despite her cold-blooded ruthlessness. While the pacing and dialogue may not be as sharp as in previous outings, the shift in tone is handled well. For fans who have been waiting for a more X-FILES-like conspiracy feel, the series seems to be delivering on its potential. However, in future, alternating between darkness and more light-hearted traditional action/adventure fare might not go amiss, in terms of the series longevity and consistency. Part of the show's appeal is Jake's idealism and optimism, and I'd hate to see the character lose that so early on.

Quotes of the Week:

Kyle: "'The two 'A's that make a meal worth having'?"
Diane: "I'm not a spy, okay? You guys are the spies."

Kyle: "Lou, Diane and I had a talk..."
Jake: "What, you're voting me off the island?"

Jake: "I just ran into Warner in the hall. She was pleasant. Now I'm really scared."

Malik: "This is Tracey. I know what you're thinking. 'Isn't that a woman's name'?"
Jake: "No. I wasn't thinking that."
Malik: "Smart man."

Malik: "So, you're my bodyguard. Are they downsizing at the NSA?"
Jake: "Oh, didn't you hear? 'Scrawny' is the new 'big.'"

Jake: "All right, I'm coming out. But I look like some kind of Muppet reject..."

Hoopster: "We need someone to fill in for Little Mike. You ball?"
Jake: "Oh. I'm not exactly what the doctor's call 'co-ordinated.'"
Malik: "C'mon, Jake. It's not like we're gonna pass you the ball anyway."

Anna: "Now I'm going to hand Malik some utensils. You're not going to try and jump me, are you?"
Jake: "Well, if you try to assassinate him with that spoon, you'll leave me little choice.

Jake: "Fo'shizzle?"
Malik: "Okay, you don't need to do that."

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